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Booby Booster: Ga Ga or Gag?

Do your boobs hang low . . . ? Breastfeeding women with larger breasts can find breastfeeding to be an uncomfortable task. Some use one hand to keep their breast in the proper position, while others find placing a rolled up towel does the trick. An enterprising mama from the land down under has created a simple solution to this age-old problem. The Booby Booster ($27) is a sling that attaches directly to a nursing bra to raise the breast – and keep it in place – when nursing. According to the creator, the sling keeps the nipple in place to avoid the pain associated with it falling out of the baby's mouth.

Would you try a booby booster?

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danaruth danaruth 7 years
I wear an A-cup normally and was unbelievably excited to wear a B-cup when I was pregnant! That being said, I can't imagine needing anything more complicated than a nursing bra. Why add one more step to nursing? Raise shirt, let loose the boob, attach child - there you go!
NyckieRocks NyckieRocks 7 years
I would have LOVED to have this when I was nursing my son! I have very large breasts, and my son, being a premee was only 5 lbs when he was born. Every time I nursed him I had my hands literally full! Baby in one hand, boob in the other! I will consider something like this if I ever get pregnant again.
FrankiLee FrankiLee 7 years
I don't have this problem (*sigh*) but I know a lot of women that do, and this seems like it would make nursing MUCH easier for them. It's a difficult task to try and position your baby right, get them latched correctly, have them laying comfortably, etc. I can't imagine trying to get my breasts held up to the right position on top of that!
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