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Breastfeeding Yoga Mom's Instagram Account Removed

Instagram Censors the Naked Breastfeeding Yoga Mom

Much to the online community's disbelief, the Instagram account of Amy Woodruff, known as "Naked Yoga Breastfeeding Mom," has been shut down, The Huffington Post reports.

Two years ago, a photo of Woodruff doing yoga while naked and breastfeeding went viral after she posted it on her blog. When BabyCenter recently published an interview with Woodruff in which she discussed the photo, readers flocked to her blog and Instagram account. Her fans on the image-sharing network grew by the thousands in days, but the account was shut down.

To find out how Instagram and Woodruff's fans have responded to the removal of her account, read the whole story on The Huffington Post.

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JenniferBoyd60697 JenniferBoyd60697 3 years
I think you are all wrong!!! The woman is obviously nearly out of milk and standing on her head to get the last few drops. If there were sound I am sure we would hear slurping as well.
Dionne30063 Dionne30063 3 years
i'm guessing it was removed because she was naked, nothing more nothing less. no point even discussing it as its most likely in their T&C's for posting on their site which she agreed to, the same as facebook and other social media sites don't like NUDITY. Art to one person is crap to another it's all a matter of opinion so don't use that one, I could take a picture of my finger close up and call it art. Anyway, I have no problem with her picture as such, I don't think its anything special and wouldn't call it art myself but if she didn't want her Art censored go open your own website like many artists do or post on a website made for ammature artists where nudity isn't censored. Just because people don't like it doesn't mean they are fat or self conscious what a ridiculous thing to say its like saying if you don't like skyscrapers you hate penis and must be a lesbian, doesn't make any sense, please engage your brain that everyone has differing opinions.
katehall1374058431 katehall1374058431 3 years
agree freedom to mother your child any where , i like the photoes :)
SharronWilliamsGelobter SharronWilliamsGelobter 3 years
Don't think it should be censored as I believe in free speech. What I do believe is that she needs put her damn clothes on, sit down and breastfeed her freaking kid rather than fooling around posting silly pictures on the web! I don't give a crap about what shape she's in so long as she's doing the right thing with her kid and not posting ridiculous feeding posts. If anyone needs to grow up its this woman. Be a mother dammit and stop being self absorbed. This is not about you but about your son who will grow up and see this picture on line. Nobody wants to see you naked except you and your man or your woman. So put your panties on, sit down and take care if your bloody business and stop putting it in the street!
JulieLiller JulieLiller 3 years
I don't know what all the fuss is about. I think it IS pretty weird that she's breastfeeding her baby upside down in her yoga pose. I'm guessing she put that picture on there to show what good shape she's in and good for her. In a way it's kinda funny because if you notice the baby has to grab her breast to try to nurse. Definitely not the best position for nursing and the cuddling/snuggling that comes with it that I always felt was the best part when I nursed my girls. Why they took the pictures down? I'm guessing they have a rule about nudity and whether it's natural or perverted it still comes under the same rules. That's my opinion for what it's worth.
SamCapps SamCapps 3 years
Fine maybe if you aren't overweight or unattractive . But u are insecure within your own skin . But I need to ask are any of u artists. Have u seen a piece of art featuring a person completely nude . And were offended by that . U know the artist had a nude model in front of them . Were they wrong to paint/sketch / draw that person ?
JessicaNorthOConnell JessicaNorthOConnell 3 years
A totally ridiculous thing to be upset about! I think most people simply need to grow up! This was obviously posted to provoke controversy (otherwise it wouldn't have been Photoshopped) - brava! I find it amusing - having breastfed five children...the only person who was ever "scandalized" by my breastfeeding was my mother.
Monicabernal1368797450 Monicabernal1368797450 3 years
I only find the one with rainbow background a lil weird.
LeanneBusson1370458789 LeanneBusson1370458789 3 years
For all of the posts that say people who are finding this offensive are insecure you are wrong! I am a size 8 with barely any stretch marks, men find me attractive and I get told I'm pretty or look nice allot at events I attend (please do not think I am big headed as I'm not, I'm just trying to make a point.) Why on earth would this lady do this pose imagine if she lost her balance and hurt her baby, I'm sick and tired of women openly breast feeding or posting picks. Many seem to have a smug grin on their face when they are doing it. Sick of people saying ooh its natural! SO IS TAKING A POOH! but we wouldn't do that in the middle of a public place in full view of people. Fair enough to the women that consider other people and do it in public with the aid of a muslin/large cloth to keep their modesty. Along with other Natural things farting burping Fighting going to the toilet Having sex All of these other things are not socially acceptable to do despite being natural. why make other people feel uncomfortable if somebody belched next to me in a restaurant I would not be best pleased although it is natural we are no in the dark ages I used to express my milk for outings, or as I would not feed my child in a loo I would politely ask whether there is a quite area I could sit in to feed my child and use a muslin.
StephFilby StephFilby 3 years
Hilarious, if we disagree with this we must be fatties? How old are you? Sounds like playground talk. I dont use instagram, but I would guess like most sites it has guidelines, and photos are not looked at by mods unless reported. So if there are nasty pics in there that haven't been removed, its because they haven't been reported yet. So report them. Its still no justification for them keeping up photos which DO breach their terms and HAVE been reported. If you dont want to be censored, dont intentionally post pics on someone else's site that has censorship in place, start your own website and post what you like there!
SamCapps SamCapps 3 years
All of u that disagree with me why dont u post a pic of u breast feeding ur child. How u think that it is the right way. I promise 100% all of u will be really overweight . And have basically let urself go . She is showing u that u dont have to become what u have. Ur life , body isnt over because u have given birth .
SamCapps SamCapps 3 years
Once again you so called real women are just insecure with how u look . Get over urself. And the non intelligent person that said breast feeding Is what u do at home . HC I want to say words to u but I don't want u to feel more stupid than u already are . If u do have children I am sure u put them on rice as soon as u could .
JessicaHansen45607 JessicaHansen45607 3 years
I get promoting breast feeding. I'm a huge breast feeding advocate. I just don't understand why she needs to post pictures of herself doing it naked. What mom strips down every time they breast feed? I just think it's unnecessary and purely for shock value.
KellyWalkerEveritt KellyWalkerEveritt 3 years
My only thought is why? Instagram freaked out and shut it down, that was stupid, its obvious it's not porn. But also why put this picture up unless you were trying to attract attention or create drama. I don't care if she is naked, I do not find the human body dirty, so what if she was nursing, again it's natural, but this picture while it may be interesting and even artistic does nothing more than create drama. Art is suppose to invoke an emotion, but if she wants to further the cause of getting people to not view breast feeding as gross or unnatural that picture is not it. Personally I think it's impressive, but with so many people needing to learn nakedness is not dirty and breastfeeding is ok, maybe baby steps in a public realm is a better way to try to make a point.
Charlene14833354 Charlene14833354 3 years
Umm, i'm sorry, but this lady will get no sympathy from me about the removal of her picture. Gosh, breastfeeding is something that is beautifully designed between mother and child and i dont think the world needs to see a naked yoga mama nursing her baby. If this is something that happens at home when she is doing her yoga naked in her living room then great, that is a funny memory she can keep or even share with a couple of close friends or family. As for other ads ppl post where they are half naked and looking trampy, maybe it is time for ppl to start showing some self control. I am in no way jealous of yoga mama, or any female, heck i got my hot bod back after having 2 babies of my own. And i do agree that it would be nice however to be able to nurse freely without having a hooter bidder, granted ppl are being respectful and arent flashing off their breast just because they like their rack.
SandraFowler29959 SandraFowler29959 3 years
Naked = porn? What??
Piper1374503067 Piper1374503067 3 years
Haha spookymama- yeah you are spooky. It's spooky that you are raising children with that kind of perspective on things. Breastfeeding is not porn. Being naked is not porn. Haha, are your kids embarrassed to be naked in front of you? Do you make them feel ashamed when they are naked? Seriously. Let's get real people- we all have tittys, we all have pussies... I WISH we all breastfed- the world would be a better place if we did!!!! And you all know it! :D If you don't like it, don't look. Seriously. I bet all the women who have a problem with these pictures are fat from not breastfeeding or being healthy like this woman is. Jealousy is UGLY. This picture represents- CREATIVITY, HEALTH and LOVE... DEAL with it! :P
spookymama87 spookymama87 3 years
Why does she have to be naked doing yoga and post it online? If she had a little self respect for herself she wouldn't feel the need to be an attention grabber. They didn't remove the pictures because she was breastfeeding they took them down because she posting porn on their site.
SamCapps SamCapps 3 years
Im am sorry but to you ladies that find it offensive and are happy she was removed are a joke . You are nothing more than an insecure jealous person . Most of the photos I see on there are girls (want to be real women) . Posing in some of the most disgusting erotic postions with basically nothing on . Like they are saying" look at me look at me I know u want me . Please give me attention "Come on . All she is doing is showing the world that being a woman, is an amazing thing. That all should embrace it this gift . Also showing that u actually can be happy without all of the bullshit materialism that the world sees as someones worth. She is secure , and just wanting to open peoples eyes to what is actually important in life . You ladies need to look a little deeper into urself . And if still u find nothing . I feel sorry for u . I still think u would find it ok if she was not as beautiful and fit as she is . You all are really sad
LarissaMcLaughlin LarissaMcLaughlin 3 years
It strikes me as offensive when Instagram are so quick to shut down an account like this, but take their time shutting down other, more horrific, accounts (see the article from And seriously, if you don't like nude breastfeeding yoga, don't go looking for nude breastfeeding yoga. Things don't just magically pop up on Instagram, the only thing I see in my feed are friends that I follow.
SamCapps SamCapps 3 years
CoMMember13613660115019 CoMMember13613660115019 3 years
Yeah, I don't think the point is that she is breast feeding. The point is that she is naked. If she did the same shot without the baby (and got so much attention), she would have been shut down too. Look at it from instagram's point of view. If they didn't take it down, then other people could start posting naked pics and the defense could be that instagram didn't take hers down, so why are they bothering theirs? She can always make her own Yoga Mom website and post all the naked breast feeding pics that she wants.
JoAnneMoore71101 JoAnneMoore71101 3 years
@shoh22 This is instagram...not a porn website. Nudity is allowed on porn websites. Nudity is against the policies of instagram which is why it was removed. I have breasted and I understand that women need to breastfeed. It is the best source of nutrients for infants. If she wants to pose and take bucket naked pictures of herself "breastfeeding" that is her prerogative but don't post it on a website that doesn't allow it and expect or not to be removed.
juliadoherty juliadoherty 3 years
Wether you agree with the content of the photos or not, whether you are for modestly or let it all hang out that is not the point. When you sign up for Instagram or any other device you agree to their terms of use. If the terms of use have been violated they were removed rightly. If the terms of use were not violated a change in the terms of use would be needed before they should have been removed. I breastfed, I believe women need to be supported in breatfeeding. I also believe there is a difference between breastfeeding and exhibitionism.
KarenWaide KarenWaide 3 years
I'm sorry, but I do not think the picture is appropriate at all. Personally I believe in modesty and am very self conscious so I try to cover or be as discreet as possible. That being said, I do not mind if other people do not cover and I am for women breastfeeding in public. However, there is a difference between breastfeeding without a cover and being completely naked and showing it off for the world.
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