Jaundice is a strange thing. It is a health condition parents should take seriously, but cosmetically speaking — it can make your newborn look he has been basking on the beach. Visitors commented on my son saying, "He has your skin! He's so TAN!" I knew he probably wasn't as "tan" as my friends suspected, but I had no idea how pale he was underneath that bilirubin tinged epidermis.

To see what happened,


Initially, doctors recommend periods of sunlight to rid baby of the yellowish colored skin. When that didn't work, my pediatrician insisted one or two bottles of formula a day would push the jaundice out in no time. Unexcited about giving him formula at such an early age, I did as she prescribed. In three days, he went from a Latino looking baby to a fair skinned guero. At his next check up, the doctor said, "He just had breastmilk jaundice. That formula worked like a charm!"