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Brief Baby Mixup Leads to Major Controversy in India

Brief Baby Mixup Leads to Major Controversy in India

A baby girl born in India on March 25th is being cared for by hospital staff because her parents, Poonam Kanwar and Chain Singh, do not believe she is theirs. They've laid claim to a baby boy who was born in the same hospital at the same time, but to another couple.

The dispute originated when hospital staffers mistakenly handed the wrong baby to Poonam Kanwar. Although she has now breast fed both the boy and the girl, she and her husband say they will not accept the girl as theirs until a DNA tests proves it.

While the two families involved in the dispute await the test's results, people in India are talking about what is believed to be the underlying issue: a strong cultural preference for boys over girls. Lad Kumari Jain, chair of  the Rajasthan State Women's Commission, told the Christian Post, "In districts of western Rajasthan, including Jaisalmer and Barmer, cases of female feticide and infanticide are quite rampant due to a certain mindset."


Read the whole story (Christian Post)

Were you disappointed when you learned the gender of your most recent baby?

Image Source: Mamta Nirban via The Daily Mail

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MeganGosiak MeganGosiak 5 years
So sad that this still goes on. Both accidental child switching and preference for boys over girls. Poor baby girl. I hope they really do open their hearts to her if she is theirs. Breaks my heart because we all know that the first few months are when they want and need the most attention
AmandaBlasius AmandaBlasius 5 years
I completely understand, this has been happening forever. But I know personaly I didn't even find out the genders of my children till then were delivered my oldest is a boy my twins are boy/girl and all loved equally as will any future children. I do hope these women get rights, but at the moment thats not the way it is and get shamed for delivering a girl, its a shame the sperm chooses gender. Lol
PamA68984 PamA68984 5 years
To everyone saying that they shouldn't have had this baby, or shouldn't have tried: you do realize that this family lives in India, right? This is a developing country where women do not have the same rights and responsibilities. They often do not have a choice when it comes to bearing children: the husband is the decision-maker. And yes, males are deemed more important than girls. Do I agree with it? No, of course not. But there have only been a couple of commenters who have understood that this is a cultural problem. Adoption will not necessarily lead to a better life for a baby girl; there are an estimated 40,000 Indian and Nepali girls -- per year -- who are sold into prostitution.
AlishaLewis36504 AlishaLewis36504 5 years
The women in these countries are brainwashed from birth... the women to scared to stand up for themselves since the husbands have the right to beat them to death or kill them (honor killings). Middle East, Asia, and African countries women our property nothing more.
NadiuskaAitchison NadiuskaAitchison 5 years
I some villages in India there are no women for the men to marry, I have it in discovery, how sad is that
Lou35904 Lou35904 5 years
I think the details are too sketchy on this one to immediately judge the parents. A mothers hormones are all over the place after a birth, although I don't understand why she wasn't told the sex of the baby immediately after birth. But if she nursed a boy, and started to bond with the male baby, then was suddenly told it was the wrong child, that must have thrown her into a very confused state. The refusal to claim the baby may be because she genuinely now believes the male baby to be hers. If it is due to gender bias, well I feel the same as many others; female babies of course are just as precious as males, but we can all be guilty of having a knee jerk reaction without all the facts. I just hope that if that is the case, the authorities ensure the little girl won't be in danger before placing her with the parents.
KAthyDERWS KAthyDERWS 5 years
fools, she is cute
AnnaMoritz AnnaMoritz 5 years
People, this is common practice in those lands. So many baby girls are KILLED yearly , after being born, because they weren't boys. Do your research and you will see. India, Pakistan, China too now, as they are allowed one child per family. Giving birth to a girl is considered a shame . Around one million babies are assumed to be killed per year there...
christine57721 christine57721 5 years
Wouldn't you want your own child though?
KaiteyLawrence KaiteyLawrence 5 years
There are people who can't have kids! That is sick!
karenpugh karenpugh 5 years
the hospital have already made one mistake i would defiantly DNA test to make sure they hadn't made another poor kid but poor parent too they must be gutted not knowing and the headline is typically misleading making you think they have refused her because she is not a boy when it really is not that at all
LisaDaly24159 LisaDaly24159 5 years
The baby should never have left his/her mother in the first place. How could this happen???
StephanieCatrett StephanieCatrett 5 years
either way she is such a cute child
RochelleStrodick RochelleStrodick 5 years
So all you judgemental people are telling me if a hospital pulled the switcheroo on you and handed you different babies you wouldn't want a DNA to make sure which was yours??? Your all a bunch of liars that is for sure...
katrinadaff katrinadaff 5 years
I will have her :(
alicia23160 alicia23160 5 years
how terrible. id take her too
BessieGollett BessieGollett 5 years
Awwh, I'll take her
Belinda14722 Belinda14722 5 years
Is there any news about the results of the DNA test
DawnSwanton DawnSwanton 5 years
This rips my heart out!!! If this baby girl is their's, she will never be loved the way she should! These backward regions have to start understanding that girls are just as important as having boys. You keep throwing away your girls and who/how are you going to repopulate? Prostitution will raise as well as other/different forms of VD.
RachelBosen RachelBosen 5 years
I want her! That's awful. When she hears about this as a child, it's going to wreck her.
KellieYoung KellieYoung 5 years
So what happened? The story was not so clear. In my understanding of it a set of parents were given a boy at first, then were told that it was the wrong child and then given a girl instead, that hospital staff knew was in fact their real child. And now the parents are fighting for the boy over preference. Ok.... 1. How could a hospital make such a huge mistake!! 2. What was the circumstance that the parents did not know what gender the child was as soon as the child was born? and 3. If it's true. What a thing to do just because they want a boy instead. I'm not denying that things like this don't happen over gender preference. Because they do! And it's not just in India for crying out loud. Some asian cultures and other certain cultural/religious groups as well. I'm sure certain individuals within our own society(ies) may prefer one gender over the other as well. We just call them the crazy or stupid ones. It is really really sick. I have a daughter and i can't even imagine Not wanting her. I don't know how a woman can carry a baby inside of her for 9 months and then just push it aside all because she doesn't like the gender of it. It's very very crazy to me. But I guess people in general were always crazy in some way or another. Even in the old ages boys were prefered in probably most cultures. But in today's society, it's absolutely "barbaric" to refuse a child all because of the gender preference you have.
AutumnLancieri AutumnLancieri 5 years
Not right! I wanna adopt her! Im sure this little girl will find some one who will take care of her and love her! I have been trying 4 years to have another baby. I have a 9 year old daughter and my step daughter is 8. It is so unfair! I could care less about the sex of the baby I would be hhappy either way.This sickens me. How can you deny your OWN flesh and blood regardless of the sex? For her sake I hope she dosnt end up going home with them. People who dont really want her.
BrittanyCarroll47153 BrittanyCarroll47153 5 years
Never said they DIDNT want her. The hospital gave her the wrong baby and know she wants to make sure which one is hers. As of india they perfer boys but i can see where the family is coming from, I would want to know too but i also would treat both babys the same and hold them until i find out. Those first days are the best days and precious moments they will never be able to get back. The nurse needs to be fired right away. But she is beautiful she deserves the best home possible with her bio parents. But also sad about india wanting boys rather then girls but i am sure not all are the same way. Being a mother is so much more then i want a boy or girl just glad she is healty and well.
CarolineShepherd CarolineShepherd 5 years
I just wanted my babies healthy. I would take that baby in a heartbeat and I already have 3 girls.
TamaraRoss63639 TamaraRoss63639 5 years
Awwww, I will take her if they don't want her.
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