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Bringing Babies to Work 2008-01-08 06:00:18

Bringing Baby to Work?

Childcare can be tricky for countless reasons, but one of the main ones is finding the right caretaker solution. TIME highlighted the trend with a recent piece on bringing babies to work.

Since so many moms are heading back to work, more and more companies are allowing them to bring their children to the office. While many people are initially opposed to the idea or have reservations, it seems that often the naysayers come around and end up liking being in the company of kids. To see what people have to say about it,

One business owner who allows children in her office said,

"I don't think a baby is any more distracting than talk about Dancing with the Stars or what you did over the weekend. I really think it's the best of both worlds for those women who can bring their babies to work. They can care for their own child and not miss those firsts."

And, others who have been surrounded by children at work claim that the tots are having a positive affect on the workplace – they act as morale boosters and the end result is happier people. Speaking from experience, I can definitely attest to children lighting up faces around the workplace. I do, however, think that having fussy sick children around could definitely be a distraction.

What do you think about bringing babies to work?

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honebee honebee 9 years
When they are very little and before they can walk, I think it'd be wonderful to have them with you at work (if you aren't in a cubicle). But once they are walking, they need to go to a daycare (preferably on-site). How great would it be to be able to walk downstairs to visit your child on breaks, or have lunch with them?
Coldplayer Coldplayer 9 years
Now I feel a need to clarify. There were some stipulations with bringing the kid: no one but me could be responsible for him, no one else could feed him, and if he were ever a real distraction to anyone else's work we had to "take a walk" or something. I have an office with a door, so we kept it closed for naps and when he cried. On the whole though, it was a really positive experience for me, him, and my co-workers.
ellipsery ellipsery 9 years
While I would prefer the kids to be left in the daycare (there's one where I work), I wouldn't mind if the child was brought into the office; as long as the child is quiet and doesn't prove to be an office distraction, I don't care. I mean, if this issue may prevent a mother from having a satisfying career, then I would be all for bringing kids to work.
aembry396 aembry396 9 years
To clarify: I worked in a small office ~20 people...and this woman had been with the company from its inception...needless to say she was an asset. So they agreed to accomadate her and her lil' ones needs. The bosses weren't mad, but we were too low on the totem pole to complain properly
Purple-Damsel02 Purple-Damsel02 9 years
First and foremost, that picture is ADORABLE. Second, I work in a building with many stories & have the happy cubicle life. Co-Workers bring in their children for various reasons, but never to actually work. That seems odd to me!
Greggie Greggie 9 years
aembry, I think that's a totally situation, and I can absolutely understand how that would be a problem. I thought lilsugar was referring to it being an office policy, not just randomly bringing in your child. I wouldn't agree with or be comfortable with people just bringing in their kids and using the office workers as daycare. That is completely unprofessional.
aembry396 aembry396 9 years
Speaking as a non parent: I had a coworker who brought her daughter to work about once or twice a week. usually it was fine, the baby was a morale booster and a lot of fun to see growing up. However, this co-worker would leave us underlings to watch the baby while she was in meetings with the higher ups. Since she was my boss...we did it, but I'm not sure that was the most professional. Overall, I think if you have a door to your office...then a baby in the office is cool. After crawling stage though, I think it would be tough.
kikidawn kikidawn 9 years
I guess it just depends on the type of job. I am going to be a high school teacher and I don't think it would be possible to bring my children to work. The high school I graduated from had an on site child care center for the teachers (and the pregnant high schoolers!). I personally think that is the best option.
Greggie Greggie 9 years
I'd like it while they're babies, but I'd prefer an on-site daycare, not having them at work. Once they're school age, no way. I work in a school district where I would never want my kids attending school.
KeishaLee KeishaLee 9 years
I agree with Katday....I would never get any work done. I don't know how mom's work from home! I would have loved to have on site child care. That would have made a world of difference for me and I would have stayed in the 9-5 grind and enjoyed it.
Coldplayer Coldplayer 9 years
I was able to bring my son to work with me until he was 9 months old. It was wonderful! He was pretty easy at that age. I could breastfeed, bond, and see all his firsts. By the time he was 9 months, it was getting harder. He could crawl and needed to be watched much more closely. My co-workers (all women) loved it too. He was the little office stress-reliever! If anyone was having a bad day, they'd just come into my office and play with the baby for a while. It was great.
SugarKat SugarKat 9 years
I think it would be fun once in a while, but I can't get any work done around my little one. She gets into everything and demands my time so daycare is best for her. She likes daycare because it's kid centered. However, I think it would be nice for my co-workers to see what I go through at home and I'd like to see how others would handle it. Also, not many people have little ones or any kids from our office so it would be a huge change...
buch1979 buch1979 9 years
I would have loved to bring my little one to work. My boss brings his kids (labradors) to work at least once a week.
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