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Bringing Babies to Work 2008-01-08 06:00:18

Bringing Baby to Work?

Childcare can be tricky for countless reasons, but one of the main ones is finding the right caretaker solution. TIME highlighted the trend with a recent piece on bringing babies to work.

Since so many moms are heading back to work, more and more companies are allowing them to bring their children to the office. While many people are initially opposed to the idea or have reservations, it seems that often the naysayers come around and end up liking being in the company of kids. To see what people have to say about it,

One business owner who allows children in her office said,

"I don't think a baby is any more distracting than talk about Dancing with the Stars or what you did over the weekend. I really think it's the best of both worlds for those women who can bring their babies to work. They can care for their own child and not miss those firsts."

And, others who have been surrounded by children at work claim that the tots are having a positive affect on the workplace – they act as morale boosters and the end result is happier people. Speaking from experience, I can definitely attest to children lighting up faces around the workplace. I do, however, think that having fussy sick children around could definitely be a distraction.

What do you think about bringing babies to work?

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