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British Dad Gives Birth

British Dad Gives Birth

The world would certainly be a different place if men could also have babies! As this story shows, though, it still takes a woman, or at least a woman's reproductive organs.

Following the success of Arizona's Thomas Beatie, a transsexual who has carried and birthed three babies, a British dad has also given birth to a baby. He is believed to be the first in that country.

Both this birth and Beatie's were possible because the men's original sex change operations were partial, meaning that they'd kept their ovaries and uteruses.


Read more (The Daily Telegraph)

Image Source: via the Daily Telegraph

CassandraMettler CassandraMettler 5 years
First, I'm a woman. I was born a woman. If you are born a woman and feel you should have been born a male and you decide to have an operation to go from being a she to a he that's fine. Now, that being said, if you have the operation to become a he REMOVE ALL your girlie parts and yes, that includes the ovaries and uterus. If you keep those organs, in my mind, you are not a HE! You are a confused she. That's just my opinion. So I do not consider the one in the states a HE who gave birth nor do I consider the one in the UK a HE who gave birth.
thealiwag thealiwag 5 years
Not a DAD, but a mom who gave birth..
lorithoresen lorithoresen 5 years
If a person feels the need to change their gender, okay.. go for it. But to say you are a "man" and yet still feel the biological "need" to carry and birth a baby, that screams "woman" to me. If you are having a baby, you are a FEMALE. Cases like this scream of selfishness to me.
SORRY BUT!! this news is so f!"#$% ridiculous!! :P
MarciaSmithJohn MarciaSmithJohn 5 years
Omg! He wad never a dad always was a mom. Surgery or no surgery.
ChandraBibeault ChandraBibeault 5 years
to the god made men and women, we all start as neither and then as we develop we mutate into men or women. if god was sure of what we should be then we'd poof into the world preloaded with everything we need. But that is not what god wants. He wants us to learn to love to grow and become what greatness we feel is in us. Spewing hate is not in the bible but treating others as you would like to be treated is. Just saying live and let live don't judge others choices and make the right ones for your self. Ask for forgiveness when needed and be kind even if you don't believe something is right in yourheart.
YolandeRife YolandeRife 5 years
All you holy rolling so-called Christians make me sick. God doesn't make mistakes, right? Therefore if God didn't want homosexuals, bisexuals, lesbians or transgenders here, they wouldn't be. They're also probably here to test you jerks out to see if you have the heart enough to be kind to everyone no matter their lifestyle and this is YOUR judgement by God and guess what all you holy rolling "good Christians" ain't going past those pearly gates in Heaven.
VickiDuffy66466 VickiDuffy66466 5 years
I totally understand a person believing they are trapped in the wrong body and desire their sex to match what they believe they are. Okay, so if a woman has a sex change to a man and desires children, that person (now a man) would adopt, have his wife carry, or have a surrogate because if he truly believes he is male he will not keep any femaie organs, if he does than in my opinion he is still a she and is being selective in when to be female/male.
deborahchapman83679 deborahchapman83679 5 years
This is sad but I pray that the babies don't get Aids from all this because they did not ask to be born to this. and they will one day answer to God I can't judge them for they know it was wrong to do this so for me let God be the judge I will be praying for babies.
AngelinaWong AngelinaWong 5 years
I can't believe how many narrow minded people there are. It's very hypocritical and non-Christan like of people to be saying mean and judgmental things. People who are transgender do not chosse it for attention, it is in their chemical "make-up". Just because a person is gay or transgender it doesn't mean that they don't have the basic desire to be a parent. Just like there are straight people that have no desire for children. Regarding the comments about the child having "a messed up" childhood look around at all the "messed up" children raised by straight parents.
KirstieGrayErickson KirstieGrayErickson 5 years
This is so sad and it totally defies the entire reason a woman was created.
dianecummings50938 dianecummings50938 5 years
its none of my business but i do feel bad for the child as he or she grows up and the way the world is today...explain that to your friends as a kid
CarolRhodes23185 CarolRhodes23185 5 years
So disgusting & not true, a real man cannot have a baby. God didn't make that possible for men that's why PEOPLE try to mimick it, why I don't know. God made Adam & made Eve why mess with perfection ?
joacineraymond joacineraymond 5 years
A waste of my time! Ridiculous!
NinnieThomas NinnieThomas 5 years
Well they are not all man then
caroljones30087 caroljones30087 5 years
That is disgusting in so many ways I cant even expain if it wanted to be a man why carry a child? He/she dont have anything better to do
TrinaLGrant TrinaLGrant 5 years
People are really just crazy. Is this a dire need for attention or a hobby? I'm disgusted, and I don't care who I disgust by saying so. This is wrong, just plain wrong, in so many ways. I will literally pray the Lord will put a stop to these terrible games people are playing with the very essence of humanity before we are facing a world full of monsters. The heart of the Lord is breaking, that people have so defiled his most important creation.
NicolinaCrowther NicolinaCrowther 5 years
Poor kid... this is my momther... mather... wth? everyone is bi or or tri or whatever they are now... what happened to plain simple monogamy? A man a woman and a child...seems simple to me.
SanaIrfan57089 SanaIrfan57089 5 years
God has given this blessing to a woman so let it God is great.....
MarilynJCook MarilynJCook 5 years
Not a man in the full entirety of 'as born', so just a attention grabbing headline as the newspapers do!!
JeanStewart JeanStewart 5 years
1ST OFF this "man" is a woman with changed parts so to speak. God made man and woman each to fullfill certian things and that is why a man could not deal with the pain of labor and birth. Tks
LyzRobinson LyzRobinson 5 years
hmm, that is really interesting. The person they are showing in the photo (the pregnant man) is a person who lives here in Bend Oregon. This has been major news. I am doubting the validity of this article given they are showing a picture of someone who isn't even the same person.
SamanthaMessler SamanthaMessler 5 years
Not amazing he was a woman first. He already had the parts, what is so fantastic about that???? This is stupid. Can't believe I waste my time reading this.
GloriaAgabra GloriaAgabra 5 years
correction....she is woman not a man......
GloriaAgabra GloriaAgabra 5 years
He is a MAN not a woman, i am offended at the fact that they refer to her as " male mother" what an obnoxious headline....seriously? surgery does not make her a man, she is a woman with un natural body parts surgically placed. Another thing if she wanted to be a man so bad, she has no business carrying a child, men can't bare children...hello, stop contradicting yourself, she is apparently confused. Plain & simple!
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