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British Mom to Donate Womb To Her Daughter

British Mom to Donate Womb To Her Daughter

Talk about motherly devotion: A 56-year-old British woman has agreed to donate her uterus to her daughter so that the younger woman can have a baby. The pioneering surgery, scheduled to happen next year in Sweden, will be the world's first mother-to-daughter womb transplant.

Eva Ottosson's daughter Sara, was born without a uterus. When researchers in Sweden told her that the transplant was possible, and that her mother would be the best donor, the two agreed it was worth a shot. The Telegraph reports that "if the transplant is successful Sara...could become pregnant and carry a child in the same womb from which she herself was born."

Watch Eva Ottosson talk about her decision to donate her uterus

Would you donate your uterus if your child asked you?

Image Source: Via The Telegraph

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GillianGillette GillianGillette 6 years
I would, of course, do it (again)as needed...but I wanted to point out that the uterus DOES carry your child (if it's a daughter) and your grandchild already because the girl fetus has her eggs for her children(ie your grandchildren) so cool!
VeredMourad VeredMourad 6 years
Of course!
CharmaineHetem CharmaineHetem 6 years
I would do it without hesitation. Having children is such a blessing and I hope my daughter gets to experience that.
KrystalMcKinley KrystalMcKinley 6 years
well, if I still had mine.....then sure. I had a hysterectomy a year ago, and my daughter is only six. Such a loving a sweet thing to do!
KateOBrien60722 KateOBrien60722 6 years
I'm done with having kids, I don't need my uterus anymore. If my daughter needed/wanted it, I'd donate it to her in a heart beat. As others have said, it would be weird (but in a cool way) that my uterus held both my child AND grandchild. I am all for organ donation. If I don't need it anymore, someone else can have it!
MelindaGilbert MelindaGilbert 6 years
This is awesome! What an honor for the both of them.
AmandaGunnells AmandaGunnells 6 years
I had a hysterectomy and if this becomes possible then I will do it!
NatarshaLeonardis NatarshaLeonardis 6 years
I would definately!!
StephanieStone3056 StephanieStone3056 6 years
Yes I would! My daughter is 18 and I normally wouldn't even hesitate, but she'd have to wait a little bit her sister is occupying it at the moment!
JessicaHolmes47022 JessicaHolmes47022 6 years
DeniseBell28454 DeniseBell28454 6 years
AnnaNguyen50277 AnnaNguyen50277 6 years
thats azazing!
LisaRoberts4974 LisaRoberts4974 6 years
This is amazing having being done with birthing kids i'd donate my uterus to a stranger if could be not just my daughters i'm not using why not give it to someone who could :)
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