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Brothers Create Touching Tribute For Their Mom

Brothers Create Touching Tribute For Their Mom

Ryan and Gregory Miller lost their mother Nicole in 2004 when she was only 34 years old. Nicole's Ford Explorer blew a tire and rolled, her sons explain in a moving tribute video, a rewrite of Vanessa Carlton's "A Thousand Miles."

Ryan and Gregory made the video to let people know that first generation Explorers are dangerous and to encourage Ford to pull them from the road.

(Note that the video below can take as long as a minute to load.)

Read the full story here. 

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CoMMember13609715898027 CoMMember13609715898027 5 years
This was so heart warming and such a wonderful thing to do for not only your mom but for everyone else as well.. Your mom is looking down on both of her amazing young boys and is so very proud of you for being so brave..
DanaGreening DanaGreening 5 years
You are beautiful and your mom would be so proud. Xxoo
nicoletrudeau nicoletrudeau 5 years
You guys still have that hero with you everyday. She is so proud of you and is surely the angel guiding you through each day. Go after your dreams!
CynthiaDenzer CynthiaDenzer 5 years
Your mom is always there. And she is so proud of you. You will grow up to be great men. So sad beyond words for what you have lost. But she is within you.
DanielleLamberson DanielleLamberson 5 years
WOW, what amazing lil boys you are be yet years beyond your age. Your Momma is a very proud one and I think she is always there with you. Loved once leave earth but never ever leave our hearts! And this is just one of the reasons I would never buy a Ford vehicle! You also have amazing voices. Hope you keep up the hard work and I will pray it all pays off in the end!
CoMMember13630969807637 CoMMember13630969807637 5 years
U two boys are amazing.....Ur mom would be so proud...don't forget she is with u everyday because she's in ur heart.Such a tragic loss of a beautiful life.Praying for u guys...u definitely made a statement for me and I will tell others.
DebbieSheber DebbieSheber 5 years
Ryan and Gregory your mom would be so proud of you guys. You really got to me and you made me cry. RIP Nicole
SophieKendall SophieKendall 5 years
So sad, almost cried! I'm sure she is watching over you both, and is proud of what you're trying to do. Well done boys.
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