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Build-A-Bear Product Recall

Build-A-Bear Recall! 26,000 Stuffed Sulleys

Look out for this furry blue creature! Build-A-Bear is recalling about 26,000 of its Sulley stuffed animals in the United States and Canada, the Consumer Product Safety Commission reports. The eye can detach, posing a choking hazard to young children, though thankfully no injuries or incidents have been reported. And yes, we mean Sulley, the furry blue creature from the Monsters movies; this particular model measures about 17 inches high and 10.5 inches wide. Get all of the details at the CPSC.

AndreaGordon18599 AndreaGordon18599 4 years
We don't have this particular one, but the three we do have are fine. They have not come apart and we have had one for at least 4 years. My son likes them because he mad them boyish and like MelissaPutzi said, making his own animal was fun: from bathing it to dressing it, to naming it and getting a certificate. Glad they announce recalls like this so others may not have an unpleasant experience.
MelissaPutzi MelissaPutzi 4 years
They're okay, my son has one and the moment we got home I noticed its seams were coming loose. I'd go again as the experience to make your own bear is fun for the little ones.
LeeJones LeeJones 4 years
Ummmm... KarissaOliver - little bit of free advertising for the company? Bit more detail than necessary I'd say.
KarissaOliver KarissaOliver 4 years
That stinks! I'll be sure to pass this on. As far as "over priced and junk quality" from anyonymousanonymous is concerned: We've never had any problems with the quality of their products, and my kids each have one they've slept with every night for the last 6+ years - and that includes one having to be washed often the first couple years because of accidents. They also have tons of others just to play with, and no problems there, either. Maybe she got a fluke, or maybe she's rough with her toys...who knows...but I bet if you took it back, they'd replace it for you. If you spent $30 extra with just the 1 outfit and the one bear, that's on you. The bears range from $10-$25 and the outfits pieces range from $3-$15. Obviously, the licensed character bears & clothes run on the higher end, as do the more elaborate outfits. However, my kids have often gone in there with $10-15 and come out quite happy with their purchases. If they want to get something that costs more, they know they'll have to save up for it or request it as a gift for a birthday or Christmas present. We find BaB, as a company, to be wonderful. They have an excellent rewards program which often helps my us get some things we may not normally spring for, and we frequently get free outfits or bears.
anonymousanonymous anonymousanonymous 4 years
Over priced and junk quality! We received a $25. gift certificate and spent over $30 extra for 1 outfit and the bear. The stuffed animal fell apart within 2 months and my daughter slept with it but it never left her bed.
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