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Would Bulletproof School Supplies Make You Feel Safer?

Among all of the animal- and apple-themed school supplies that are so popular this year, there's a new trend that adds an element of seriousness to the classroom — bulletproof clipboards, whiteboards, and backpacks. Less than a month after a shooter opened fire at a Decatur, GA, elementary school and less than a year after the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary, parents and educators are faced with tough new questions about the best way to protect kids from similar incidents in the future.

Technology normally reserved for military and law-enforcement officials has made its way to everyday consumers, thanks to companies like Hardwire LLC, as reported this morning on the Today show. As a parent himself, George Tunis, the founder and CEO of Hardwire, said that it was an "emotional switch" to make the move from developing products for the Department of Defense to outfitting classrooms. His company now offers everything from bulletproof whiteboards, which retail for $299 and come in a rainbow of pastel shades, to a ballistic backpack insert for $99.

Would you feel more comfortable knowing that your child, or his teacher, was armored with bulletproof protection in the classroom?

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Aaron14877904 Aaron14877904 3 years
I'm sorry, but this is just really useless. Not only are you assuming that the kid is going to have the thing on/with them at all times, which is ridiculous, but you're also assuming that they can anticipate Where they might be shot & move faster than a speeding bullet to position that tiny rectangle in front of it. That's putting aside that a child that scared would probably forget about it entirely even if it was sitting right next to them. Also putting aside that it only stops handgun rounds. I'm all for protection! But this really is useless!
DorothyLandsberg DorothyLandsberg 3 years
Refuse to give in to fear? Is that an actual voting option? Seriously! Yes, we shouldn't but we CAN do that AND still keep our kids safe.
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