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A Bullying Story with a Happy Ending (VIDEO)

A Bullying Story with a Happy Ending (VIDEO)

We found it impossible not to cry while watching "Whats goin on," a video produced by a 14-year-old teen last summer and posted on YouTube. Worn out from years of nonstop bullying and frightened by the prospect of returning to school for another round of it, Jonah Mowry bravely decided to share his feelings with the world. Though he speaks only through note cards, the emotions that surface on his face while he tells his story will have you praying that your kids are never a bully's target.

Jonah's video has a happy ending: it went viral, and he received messages of love and support on Twitter from celebrities like Lady Gaga and Jordin Sparks. Several months later, he posted a much happier video, in which he and a friend giddily explain that life has since taken a turn for the better.

Read the whole story (ABC News)

Have you or your kid ever been bullied?

Image Source: J. Mowry

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ShaunaColeman ShaunaColeman 5 years
Wow, don't even know what to say other than good for you Jonah! Yes, there's a whole world out here who does care & I wish I could just give you a huge hug right now!! So proud of you for stepping up! Bullying has got to end!!!
PliaLau PliaLau 5 years
I couldn't see the scars on his arms but I don't think his crying was fake. The emotions must be too painful to vocalize so he wrote them down instead. I don't think this was some kid trying to get attention by fabricating a story about being bullied. When you're the target of bullying, what you feel is a lot of shame and fear of letting people see your pain and this boy's emotions were plain to see on his face and his efforts from holding back his tears. I commend him for being brave enough to tell his story and for refusing to be a life long victim. Those who think he's faking it have never been bullied because if you're ever been the target, you'd find it hard to fake your tears too
AdrienneCrawford96738 AdrienneCrawford96738 5 years
I just want to know WHY kids would bully this boy? I don't understand the cruelty and why no one is held accountable? Why? I mean what is it about him that people hate?
AdrianneTaylor AdrianneTaylor 5 years
asw a victim of bullying all thru school I feel for Jonah and am so glad to hear he is doing better. Stand up, be proud and be yourself, THEY have the problem not you.
dtabernacki dtabernacki 5 years
Hold your head high!! You are special! Don't let anyone tear you down Jonah... ~ ♥ ~ Some one who cares! Donna Triezenberg
tammyschultz61897 tammyschultz61897 5 years
thank you for the courage to be strong and post this video!
CoMMember13631158646167 CoMMember13631158646167 5 years
If I could have taken his pain away, I would. I can't stand seeing a child suffer like that.
LeahFrey59486 LeahFrey59486 5 years
There alot of videos out there like this. It is aweful to see what these kids have to go through. I love the videos because they show how strong they were and how they didn't give up. They also show other kids that they aren't the only ones andthat things can get better. :)
jencouture jencouture 5 years
I read he lied about all that true?
DarlaRedden DarlaRedden 5 years
Jonah you are the bravest young man I have ever met...good for you, so proud of u, standing up and and making a are truly amazing, and u have touched my heart....with such happiness....good luck Jonah...your truly a inspirational to so many thank you....God bless lil Guy:) keep your chin up.
NicoleRichards22502 NicoleRichards22502 5 years
am glad that he is doing much better i just weanted to cry when i saw that he is getting bulled for stupied stuff glad that he is back in school and doing much better we need to stop people from bulling other kids
TrishaTaylor44231 TrishaTaylor44231 5 years
I'm in tears right now still even tho the video is done. I know EXACTLY how he feels. I've been bullied all through school and thought it would never end. Suicide crossed my mind many times as well and even tried it when I was 12. I felt so alone, unloved, unwanted and didn't know why. Since I was unsuccessful, I decided I'd stay here, especially for my Mother, who did ALOT for me and still does. For my family I survived though most of the time I was miserable.
HeatherChambers51375 HeatherChambers51375 5 years
I have three children that range in age from 11 to 4. This message touched ne as a mother. I plan on sharing with my older kids and can only pray that they are stronger too and know they have a million reasons to be here too
CoMMember13631173884949 CoMMember13631173884949 5 years
Glad he's happier! Bullying sucks!!
CaraMorgan CaraMorgan 5 years
please watch...
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