Parents tell children not to take candy from strangers, yet they buy breast milk for their babies on the Internet.

Women peddling the liquid gold for up to $4 an ounce plus shipping and handling aren't that hard to find online.

One supplier priced her milk at $2 an ounce in a recent post on Craigslist. It said:

So weird to be offering my breastmilk but i figure if it can help people and make a little extra side money then it's worth it. I am a 31 year old (Chinese if it matters) very healthy/non-smoker/non-drinker. Had our first baby a little over 3 weeks ago and i have been storing bag after bag of breastmilk in the freezer. I save them the in Lansinoh breast milk storage bags. I have no infectious diseases or any kind of health concerns to worry about. I am currently still taking my Prenatal Vitamins and Expecta.

Mamas who want their tots to reap the rewards of breast milk, but can't produce enough and those who have adopted are two types of potential buyers.

Though there are milk banks that regulate milk quality and test donors for viruses, a week's worth of liquid can cost around $700. So some parents surf the web seeking a better deal and trust complete strangers in order to secure the goods.