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1 CEO's Open Letter to Working Parents Is Sparking a Debate on Whether Work-Life Balance Is Truly Possible

Charity Delmo, the founder and managing director of a company called Ideal Visa Consultancy, has a message for parents who work for her: put your family first. She explained in a now-viral Facebook post that you'll never regret putting your kids and partner over your various projects and clients.

"Dear Employees, I hired you in the hope that you can be a good provider to your family, not to take you away from them, to give you additional skills not take your parental skills away from your kids, to make you a better person not just for the company but all the more for your family," she wrote. "So when the time comes that you will have to choose between attending your sons and daughters' school activities over a client's needs, if you have to choose between your wife or your husband's needs over mine as your boss — please choose them."

"Go home. Be home. Your work can wait. I can wait."

While up and leaving in the middle of a meeting wouldn't fly at most parents' places of work, it's a helpful reminder that though proving yourself is an important part of being successful, PTO days exist for a reason.

"You see, not all employers will understand some of my principles in leadership but I would rather close this company than seeing you miss your kids' school activities because you have to be in a meeting, or seeing you getting broken because of your unfixed misunderstanding with your husband or wife," she said. "They are your home first before the company gave you a second home, they're your family before you became mine."

The big takeaway from Charity's post? Don't lose sight of your work-life balance. After all, while your job is certainly important, some projects can usually wait.

"I have always believed that a person who's happy at home is also happy at work. So, go home. Be home. Your work can wait. I can wait," she said. "Your family, the home that you built, once broken, will never be the same again. You will never be the same again. Love, Boss."

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