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Caffeine and Kids

So Long, Soda! See Where Kids Are Getting Their Caffeine Fix

The last thing little kids need is a dose of caffeine, but they still find a way to get their fix. While we aren't surprised that children are getting an extra dose of liquid energy, we are surprised at where it's coming from. A recent study found that the intake of coffee and energy drinks among kids has increased in the past year, while soda consumption has decreased. Conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics, the study found that the portion of caffeine intake from coffee grew from 10 percent to 24 percent in the past 10 years. Though energy-drink consumption was not measured 10 years ago, it currently accounts for 6 percent of caffeine intake.

There is, however, a silver lining to this study. Over the past 10 years, caffeine intake from soda consumption has decreased from 62 percent to 38 percent. Many believe the decrease is a result of numerous anti-childhood-obesity campaigns, which identify soda as the main weight-gain culprit. Still, parents should make an effort to curb all caffeine consumption and not just that from soda. Though the Food and Drug Administration has yet to set a safe consumption level for children, it warns parents that excess consumptions can increase heart rate, blood pressure, hyperactivity, and anxiety.

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AmandaCharaba AmandaCharaba 3 years
What they don't point out in this article are two things: 1) little kids grabbing parent's or other adults beverages (my 3 yo will lie in wait for you to put your coffee cup down) and kids who are benefited by the caffeine. I have a 13 yo that is bipolar and ADHID and I would rather hand him a cup of coffee or a regulated amount of certain "Energy Drinks" than the damn medications that will screw him up during puberty causing him to be stuck on them for the rest of his life.
LynetteSweem LynetteSweem 3 years
So I'd like to amend my previous statement; after reading some of the comments on facebook regarding this article, I now do understand those who make the choice to give some coffee to their young ones for MEDICINAL purposes. (ADHD, Asthma, etc), however if it's not to serve that purpose &/or the amount of caffeine is not regulated by the parent then, it seems like an incredible risky idea.----I apologize if I offended anyone with my previous comment.
LynetteSweem LynetteSweem 3 years
We all know energy drinks are not safe, in fact, arguably , more dangerous than soda, & yet that seems to be replacing soda's use. What's so maddening to me is that 2-5 year olds are consuming caffeine!!! I'm horrified. I really wish people would take better care of their chidren.
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