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8 Ways to Keep Your Cool (and 1 Thing to Do If You Lose It)

Sep 2 2014 - 1:09pm

Not every mom — heck, not every person — is blessed with the ability to keep their cool in stressful situations. Sometimes the pressure to schedule playdates, soothe a crying child, and prep a week's worth of meals gets the best of us, and we snap. But blowing up in front of your kids can have a negative impact on their relationship with you as well as your relationship with yourself. Here, eight ways to keep calm no matter the circumstance, and one thing to do if your emotions explode.

Count to 10

This tried-and-true method gives moms a chance to think and, hopefully, cool off before they react to a situation. Just make sure you include the Mississippis.

Go For a Walk

Storming out the door doesn't have to be a bad thing. The smell of fresh air has been shown to reduce stress and boost moods.

Call a Friend

Or better yet, have a girls' night out [1]. Venting to your friends — especially over a glass or two of wine — allows you to blow off some steam without taking it out on the kids.

Treat Yourself

Be it a bubble bath or a piece of chocolate, a little indulgence can bring you back to a place of peace.

Inhale (and Exhale)

Implementing a meditation regime can improve your mind-set [2] and provide the tools you need to achieve calmness in an instant!

Write It Down

If you don't feel comfortable talking to others about your problems, then talk to yourself. Keeping a journal allows you to express your feelings in a healthy way and work through a stressful situation without affecting others.

Put Yourself in Time-Out

Need some time to think about what just happened? Find an empty room, close the door, and don't leave until you have clarity and have regained your composure.

Make a Change

Are you always losing it over the same situation, like your child leaving their toys on the floor? Try to figure out a plan to keep it from happening (i.e. starting a toy chart, investing in toy bins, etc.).

Say You're Sorry

No matter how hard we try to keep calm, sometimes our emotions get the best of us. When that happens, it's important to acknowledge that you were wrong and apologize to the people you hurt [3].

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