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Restaurant Bans Crying Kids: Kid Friendly or Are You Kidding?

We've all been on both sides of the less-than-pleasurable dining dilemma: whether you're the mortified parent of a crying child or a restaurant patron trying to enjoy a meal despite a tantrum at the next table. According to Fox5, one Atlanta, GA, restaurant, Grant Central Pizza, decided to take a stand, posting the following message on the bottom of its menus:

Dear all present and future patrons: GCP is proud of its reputation as a family restaurant, a title that we will work to keep. Unfortunately a number of our diners have posted unpleasant experiences because of crying and unsupervised children. To ensure that all diners have an enjoyable lunch or dinner with us, we respectfully ask that parents tend to their crying tots outside.

The restaurant's co-owner added that while he likes kids, he doesn't want one cranky customer to ruin the dining experience of all the patrons.
Source: Flickr User Francisco Carbajal

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amber512 amber512 5 years
It doesn't feel right at a family restaurant, but I wouldn't mind adult-only restaurants that were more upscale.
amaebi519 amaebi519 5 years
We take our kids to restaurants all the time, though we choose only restaurants with high chairs (the international symbol of kid-friendliness!) and generally avoid going for 7 or later (which is the time I would normally go out for a 'grown-up' evening anyway). However, our kids are aware that this is a special event and that they are expected to make the dining experience a pleasant one for everyone involved. Anything disruptive gets a time-out in the car, and that works well for us. Sometimes my one-year-old is tantrummy about having his jacket put on, though - but since we are leaving, disruptions are minimal anyway. It's also worth mentioning that ethnic, family-run restaurants are generally great places to take kids - family-run usually means family-friendly, and culture is always a good thing!
Prudie Prudie 5 years
I remember when I was young knowing that going to a restaurant was a special treat, and in order to be given the privilege we were to be on our best behavior. We were in adult territory and if we wanted to be treated like young ladies we had to behave as such. With large dining groups of children or maybe even a family of toddlers I think it's respectful of parents to chose super-kid friendly dining establishments instead, and save the other places for date night. They're only little for a short time.
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