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Can You Orgasm During Childbirth?

During childbirth, it's natural for moms to experience some pain. But a new survey reveals that moms also can experience pleasure during labor: It notes that midwives report witnessing orgasms in about 0.3 percent of births.

Midwife responses to the survey "established the fact that obstetrical pleasure exists," said psychologist Thierry Postel of Blainville-sur-Mer, France, who conducted the study. The study collected 109 complete responses from midwives, who combined had assisted 206,000 births in their careers.

Anatomically it makes sense, says Barry Komisaruk, a professor of psychology at Rutgers University in New Jersey who studies orgasm. "The intense stimulation of the vaginal canal in childbirth may work to block pain — whether that stimulation is felt as sexual or not," he says.

Read the whole story at the Huffington Post.

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BettyKyle BettyKyle 4 years
Exactly everyone's different, it's not as painful for some. When I had my first I slept up until I needed to wee, If I had not gone to the toilet I would not have seen the blood, my daughter was born 10 minutes later. I had my second 5 years later and got a very rude shock when I felt a contraction. It's impossible I didn't have contractions with my first thats how a baby comes out but I did not feel them. My second I was having contractions for 7 days but I went on doing washing and everything as if I had no pain because it was just like having a slight period pain. With number 2 & 3 I woke up at my normal hour and they were both born within an hour of me waking up. I consider myself to have a high pain threshold but if you have a lot of pain or a little I think it does help having a high pain tolerance.
PhillipaCatherine PhillipaCatherine 4 years
Wow, I would have thought it would have been impossible to even feel the orgasm during such a painful experience?? I certainly never had one during either of my births. I suppose some women are just luckier than others. ;-)
Trish51939 Trish51939 4 years
Some woman have a higher pain threshold and don't feel that much pain at all. That's what the page is all about. To share experiences. Not to ridicule. Great page.
ChelseyHibbard ChelseyHibbard 4 years
"During childbirth, it's natural for moms to experience some pain." SOME pain??? What freaking planet is this author from???? I felt nothing BUT pain (until the blessed epidural) and there certainly was no orgasm happening.
TutsiraiSegura TutsiraiSegura 4 years
wow! When it happened to me during the birth of my second son I thought I was crazy and kept the info to myself. I am so glad I am not the only one! Its no secret after all!! What a relief!!
Trish51939 Trish51939 4 years
Wow how cool, I wish! 5 kids, no orgasm..(during childbirth), ripped off!! Perhaps it happens to women who orgasm during penetration? I don't, during penetration but it would make sense. It would be interesting to know if this was a factor. Awesome post, never knew this occurred. Love the page!
TamikaPhillips TamikaPhillips 4 years
TraceyLinnBuchanan TraceyLinnBuchanan 4 years
I orgasmed giving birth to my second child during the push stage. It caught me off guard because that is not an orgasmic context by any means!!! My midwife, Veronica Wagner, said it was not common but it was normal. She said God was telling me I had done well ;-). If I had the chance to do it over, I'd still opt in for the orgasm.
JenniferMatthews22608 JenniferMatthews22608 4 years
Only if you are an alien from another planet.....just sayin'.
JamieHeald1363742235 JamieHeald1363742235 4 years
I have to say I think this topic was the FARTHEST away from my mind as it could be at the time of giving birth to my child! I was wayyy too concerned about doing #2 in front of everyone (...and sick for the rest of the night after he was born! Yeah! REAL pleasurable!)! Sorry girls, I know there's more of us out there so it had to be said! I suppose it can happen, but not so lucky I guess here!! Maybe next time! Haha!
CoMMember13613572502147 CoMMember13613572502147 4 years
There was absolutely Nothing "orgasmic" or "pleasurable" about giving birth! Aside from when it's finally Over! and then it's just a relief!
helenhelen97010 helenhelen97010 4 years
All I felt was the bug a boo doing cartwheels in my tummy.
GretaKreider GretaKreider 4 years
Although I didn't tell anyone at the time, when I laid down for a minute not long before my VBAC baby was born, I thought to myself what is that feeling? I realized it was an orgasm! My next thought was, "well, THAT was interesting!" I wasn't exactly in the position to enjoy it, but it told me that my body was doing the right thing. Labor did feel great -just like other physical activity that is rewarding. And the reward at the end is like a piece of heaven in your arms!
MichelleHayes34504 MichelleHayes34504 4 years
Wow after working as an L&D nurse for 11.5 years, I have never seen this BUUUUT anything is possible. I'll keep my eyes open for this. Lol
TaraWebster79913 TaraWebster79913 4 years
That's great! Why knock it? We need something to look forward to after the long last month of pregnancy!
KrystieLennon KrystieLennon 4 years
I did, twice. My 3rd and 5th children.
anikamakanda anikamakanda 4 years
I cant say this is impossible, but the survey isnt enough to give the figures it did. there were only 109 responses and none of them mothers. its just silly to start giving the public figures. there is literally 1 baby born every minute and this survey looks at 206,000. its a little ridiculous to me.
AngelaHunter37744 AngelaHunter37744 4 years
I just can't imagine it sorry, it hurt so much, you would have to be a crazy masochist to find this pain appealing.
PamelaPastura PamelaPastura 4 years
Why would this not be possible? There is a thin line between pleasure and pain.
BonnieMessinger BonnieMessinger 4 years
Yup. Although I didn't orgasm with my third, it was intensely pleasurable (between 7-9 cm). I was almost embarrassed to have my doula there ... :p My other labors were not that way and I think the differing factor is that I was allowed to labor in the tub with my third.
masabonaalesiapigna masabonaalesiapigna 4 years
It's true.I experienced the orgasm factor with my second and third child.
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