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Mom-to-Be Chooses Her Unborn Child's Life Over Her Own

Every day moms make the decision to put their children's needs above their own, whether it's skipping the gym to attend a recital or giving up a good night's sleep to help them cope with nightmares. But such sacrifices don't compare to one that Elizabeth Joice made earlier this year. A month after learning she was pregnant, doctors told the first-time mom the cancer that prevented her from becoming pregnant for so long had returned. Surgeons removed some of the tumors, but in order to find out where the cancer spread they needed to perform an MRI, which could harm her future child.

Elizabeth was faced with a choice: terminate the pregnancy to save her life or live with the cancer to save her child. The choice, to her, was obvious.

"We felt that if we terminated this pregnancy and did these scans, if it turned out that there was no evidence of this disease after the scans, then we would have possibly given up our only chance at having a child naturally and would have done it for nothing," Max, Elixabeth's husband, tells CNN. The couple continued with the pregnancy, hoping everything would work out.


During her third trimester, it became clear that the cancer was growing and that the doctors had to act fast to save the mom-to-be. Elizabeth underwent an emergency C-section six weeks before her due date and gave birth to daughter Lily Anne on Jan. 23. After the delivery, however, Elizabeth and Max were given heartbreaking news. The cancer had spread to Liz's heart, abdomen, and pelvis. Doctors started treatment immediately, but the cancer advanced quickly and Elizabeth passed away on March 9.

Despite the tragic loss, Max is proud of his wife's decision to put her life at risk to give them what they always wanted — a family.

"She was so optimistic and so strong and so willing to go through whatever fight she would have to go through in order to have this baby," Max says. "Through her spirit and grace, she is still affecting people."

Source: ABC News

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CassandraSimons1381311710 CassandraSimons1381311710 3 years

//I think often we think of an unborn child as less than human.//
So true. It is because abortion is rife, and it is legal to kill our own children before they are born. This woman put her baby before her own life. What an inspiration! I know I would die for any of my kids. Before or after birth. Birth has nothing to do with their value!

SusanCyr SusanCyr 3 years

My step daughter found herself in a similar situation. 4 months pregnant with leukemia. Her choices were to abort and have a marrow transplant immediately or go as long as she could without treatment in ghe hopes that she could make it long enough to deliver an early but healthy baby. She did not make it that long and had to be hospitialed and treatment started. Yes they do treat cancer patients that are pregnant. It is dangerous but has had successful outcomes. My stepdaughter died from a brain hemorAge shortly after treatment was started and of course the baby died with her. Horrible situation and very tough choice. We miss her every day.

LilieGjelaj1360964389 LilieGjelaj1360964389 3 years

I wonder if alternative cancer treatment like medical marijuana or the thousand others would have saved her instead of the ridiculous chemo and radiation hat actually kills so many. If society would catch up to these things I feel this could have been a wonderful victory.

MarcellaWilliamsKnight MarcellaWilliamsKnight 3 years

also you can not have kids, if you do GOD strike you down cause reality is too deep for you to consume your thoughts you should be ashamed with the thoughts that you have you obviously have been through a dark upbringing

MarcellaWilliamsKnight MarcellaWilliamsKnight 3 years

i am sure he will tell her all about her mother :-)

MarcellaWilliamsKnight MarcellaWilliamsKnight 3 years

she might have survived it its not good to be negative, how many people have survived cancer you need to look at statistics you could never have lost someone with an attitude like that

MarcellaWilliamsKnight MarcellaWilliamsKnight 3 years

so very sad there are still people that are selfless out there it shows there are people truly with a heart, it was an obvious choice most definitiely at least lily made it through hope her dad has a lot of support around as it must be very hard to deal with a little one as well as to still be greiving i know its not easy love to all the family

RowenaMarshall RowenaMarshall 3 years

you are a bitter piece of work aren't you? build a bridge and get over it, and while you are at it - please find another site to tarnish with your crappy attitude.

CoMMember1361364534341 CoMMember1361364534341 3 years

I have no idea whether the MRI would have harmed her baby or not, but she and her husband believed it would and perhaps they were told so by her doctor. BUT with that said, I do know for certain that if they had done the MRI and found that the cancer had returned, she would have had to abort before they would start any treatment...and most likely THAT is what she was avoiding by not having the MRI. Apparently you are one of those that would never sacrifice yourself for your unborn fact, I strongly suspect that you are one of those who have disposed of one or more unborn children out of nothing more than self interest.

ElishaGreene ElishaGreene 3 years

Had Liz had the MRI, she would've been able to start treatment that could have saved or extended her life. Instead, she sacrificed herself in order for her child to live. May God bless her husband and child aa they go on without her physical presence. The love of a mother for her child transcends the concernsffor self. At least with a great portion of us. I live, and would die for, my son. He always comes first time! God bless Liz for making the ultimate sacrifice for Lily!

ElizabethEllis62221 ElizabethEllis62221 3 years

This is a beautiful story, but it seems strange that we would be so surprised by it. Mothers often give their lives for their children after they have been born. I think often we think of an unborn child as less than human. This demonstrates that a woman becomes a mother long before the baby is born.

BarbaraGrillo65121 BarbaraGrillo65121 3 years

Brave and thoughtful woman. May her child one day realize what his mother did for him. Love truly exists.

TammyRegister40007 TammyRegister40007 3 years

This woman knew the true meaning of love and was willing to do whatever she had to to give her and her husband a family. I do hope he knows how special she really was. I pray that Lilly will be told how much her mother loved her and what a wonderful person she was.

Emily-Co Emily-Co 3 years

Wow, what a beautiful, giving spirit.

ShabanaHaq ShabanaHaq 3 years

holy good GOD. May she RIP

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