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Why One Mom Is Upset Over a School Lunch Candy Ban

Banning nuts from school when a child has a severe allergy sounds like a sensible school policy, but are schools going overboard when they ban candy at lunchtime? At least one mom thinks so. In a rant on The Stir, she fumes over the fact that she's not allowed to pack a piece of candy in her daughter's lunch, especially when the school sells ice cream and cookies in the cafeteria.

For more of her argument on why banning candy from school lunches is silly, read the whole story on The Stir.

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ReginaStewart4691 ReginaStewart4691 3 years
This all irritates me as my kindergartener asked me one day "Are you my parent or is my teacher"? Yes this teacher's daughter is allergic to peanuts so no nuts at the school, no cookies that could be baked with or near nuts. I like to pack trail mix. No candy but my son is not a pastry, cookie or do nut kind of kid. Also lunchables have a small candy in the container and the school takes it away. They also put active 5 year olds in detention if they do not freeze when the recess bell rings. They with hold pizza in after school if ADHD boys are too hyper. It is all crap to me and as a social worker and board certified behavior analyst feels like a potential law suit to me, all violations of my child's right to eat and play!!
JenD37146 JenD37146 3 years
I don't agree with the initial comment that it makes sense for schools to ban nuts because a child has an allergy, but that's another story altogether. The school should not be in my child's lunchbox. I pack pretty healthy lunches for my kids - they always have fruit and sometimes carrot sticks or another raw veggie. And sometimes they have a piece of candy, or a couple cookies, or a small bag of chips. Not every day, but occasionally. There is nothing wrong with eating foods that have sugar or fat. The problem is with the amount of those foods that many people eat, not with an occasional treat. Oh, and I have a child who is underweight. If I don't make sure he gets enough calories (which is not easy), his doctors start yelling at me and threatening stomach tubes. Everyone is not the same. The school has no business getting involved.
RichardHatheway RichardHatheway 3 years
This is absurd! Candy is not bad as long as there is moderation and combined with healthy choices. This is not the school's place to make these decisions.
KelinaGroundwater KelinaGroundwater 3 years
I agree they should follow thier own rules if they're going to enforce them. If parents can't pack any kind of sugar then the school shouldn't either
missnanny missnanny 3 years
There are two sides ot this. So many school districts are making rules that question the parent's authority in dealing with their children. Personally, I think it is none of their business what I pack in my child's lunchbox. On the other hand, rules have been set and you need to teach your child about accepting the rules. It is a double edged sword really.
wolfcat87 wolfcat87 3 years
This would be funny if the school didn't sell sugary foods. They do so she has a point.
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