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Car Seat Facts

Doctors Recommend Rear-Facing Car Seats Until Tots Are 2; Test Your Knowledge

For many parents, a tot's first birthday is not only cause for a party, but it is the milestone they use to switch their baby from a rear-facing car seat to a forward-facing one. Today, the American Academy of Pediatrics is revising their long-held recommendations and advising parents to keep their lil ones facing back until they turn 2-years-old, or they reach the height and weight guidelines on the seat.

Car safety recommendations have evolved significantly over the years. Take this quiz to see how much you really know about them.

Doctors Recommend Rear-Facing Car Seats Until Tots Are 2; Test Your Knowledge

True or False: If a baby's feet touch the back of the vehicle seat in a rear-facing car seat, it is time to switch to a forward-facing version.

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princessya princessya 6 years
That last question is written weird-- "assumed to be". It would have been more straightforward if it said, "are installed improperly".
pattilup pattilup 7 years
that 80% statistic is frightening. but, i don't doubt it. for the life of them, my in laws do not know how to put a car seat in properly. every single time they want to take my daughter in their car, i have to check the seat and i ALWAYS have to fix it. she may as well not be in one they way the slap it in. i was in a car accident with my children where the car flipped over and b/c i had my car seats in properly, the kids were fine. now i never assume that anyone else knows what they're doing.
cheersdarlin916 cheersdarlin916 7 years
I am surprised my son is still alive and doing well with everything that these researchers are coming up with now a days. If my son fell asleep in his car seat I would just carry the seat in and let him sleep. I was not about to risk waking him up to move him into his crib. Sleeping babies...good...cranky babies....not good. I also put him in his car seat to sleep when he had a bad cold so that he could breath better. If I laid him down he would get all congested and not be able to sleep.
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