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Carry-On Baggage Charges

Will Carry-On Baggage Charges Change Your Travel Habits?

Jet-setting families know a thing or two about packing for air travel. Simply bringing carry-on luggage can alleviate a baggage carousel meltdown upon your arrival while a spare set of clothing (for both mom and tot), extra diapers, and plenty of snacks should be brought on the plane in case of emergency.

Spirit Airlines' announcement that it will begin charging $45 for each piece of carry-on luggage placed in overhead bins might just change the way moms and tots pack for flights. Though infant diaper, camera, and laptop bags will be exempt from the fees, the giant tote bag filled with toys, games, and movies for your lil one will be charged. Other airlines are keeping a close eye on how consumers react to Spirit's latest cost cutting move, and could implement similar charges later in the year. Will you change your travel habits if you have to pay to carry luggage on board the plane?

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lilkimbo lilkimbo 7 years
Spirit is so inexpensive that it could still be worth it. I would look at the total cost of the trip when booking my ticket, considering baggage fees, other fees, ticket cost, etc. If Spirit still came out cheaper (and/or the flight times worked the best for me), I would still use them. I have actually been wondering when airlines would start this practice. I fly a fair amount and I feel like so many people are taking oversized carry-ons now and know they will have to check them at the gate. People, myself included, just do it as a way to get around the fees.
jenni5 jenni5 7 years
$45 to carry on a bag? What do they charge to check one in? Geez! And if you have kids you really can't avoid a carry-on. I'm with the rest of you though, I won't fly Spirit (not that I ever have before anyway).
sarahlea81 sarahlea81 7 years
LOVE to fly, love to travel -- especially with my family. :) I just wont be flying with Spirit Airlines...its that simple. Get ready to lose your business, Spirit...
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