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🚨 NEW #MOMTRUTH !! 🚨 Ladies, if your husband is wondering why his pony isn't getting a ride, show him this video 😜🐎💃 Let...

Posted by Cat & Nat on Friday, November 3, 2017

Name a more iconic duo other than Cat and Nat, two moms who have taken social media by storm with their hilariously spot-on videos about what it's actually like being a mom these days.

We'll wait.

And we're ready to argue that their latest creation, which tackles why moms don't seem to be in the mood to "do it" as often post-children, is some of their best work yet.

The pair comments on all the reasons for not wanting to get it on — which mothers know all too well — in the front seat of a car while donning some very comfy-looking robes and some very uncomfortable-looking lingerie. They touch on everything from "big, giant, huge cotton" nursing bras to the very unsexy aspect of granny panties, as well as more practical matters like not wanting to get your newly blow-dried hair messed up.

Our favorite snippet from the clip has to be when the pair explains that they "feel like it's our job to share why your pony's not getting a ride, gentlemen." Their answer? "When we see it coming we most definitely turn a blind eye. We don't want that one-eyed snake near us."

Safe to say these two are totally crushing the whole mom and wife thing!

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