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Celebaby: Top–Selling Celebrity Baby

Forbes announced the top–selling celebrity babies of 2007. Can you make a guess at who took first prize? That's right, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt tops the list. It's not surprising since People reportedly paid four million dollars for her first photo shoot. The angelic faced babe has also been pictured in more than 2,000 articles throughout 2007.

We're pretty sure Suri Cruise gave Shiloh a run for her money, but she ended up coming in second on the list. Katie Holmes' mini me has set a new standard in trendtotting.

Zahara Jolie–Pitt is the third most top–selling kiddo. Following suit of her lil sis, this adorable lil lady kept us smiling with her antics and fresh style.

Britney Spear's oldest son, Sean Preston, made the list at number four while brother Jayden James was left off.

And not surprisingly, Pax Jolie–Pitt took the fifth spot, joining his two younger siblings in the top five. That Jolie-Pitt clan is bringing home the bucks.

We were shocked and disappointed that some of our favorites were left off the list like lil rockstar Kingston Rossdale or the always adorable Violet Affleck?

Either way, it's amusing (and a little scary) to think that tots this young can be bringing in this kind of cash. Tell us what you think about the list.

Pacific Coast News

veronicaraye veronicaraye 9 years
kids for sale...WTF?!
ariyana_anthony ariyana_anthony 9 years
i thought Suri made da top!shilon is cute but suri is just too cute! :P
JoelleDolceBebe JoelleDolceBebe 9 years
she is soo sweet! I feel guilty writing about it.They do deserve privacy. She is a child of a clebrity. she isn't of age or in movies. Please repect anyones children. regardless of whom theier parents are. They will let us see thier children in cool outfits or with hip products when they want us to. I'd like to know what dress she is wearing but not at a price! & not becuase her mommy is famous. Just because i like it.
snarkypants snarkypants 9 years
i don't get the fuss about shiloh either. i mean, she's cute and all, but i see way cuter babies at the grocery store. i do wish they would give these youngsters a break though. i would be terrified of people with cameras in my face at that age (or now for that matter!)
mom2 mom2 9 years
shiloh is the most gorgeous baby i ever saw in my life
haute77 haute77 9 years
I don't like this photo of Shiloh. She looks very scared of the photographers. I don't think photographers should photograph children. I don't care who it is. Celebrities sure, but not kids.
bushra bushra 9 years
it's sad seeing as her mother seems to resent her the way she does.
RobinFabulous RobinFabulous 9 years
I thnk Shiloh turned one this year
lms lms 9 years
I don't even find her that attractive. It is ridiculous that people worship her family so much.
miss-britt miss-britt 9 years
this list is kind of idiotic. It's sad these little kids have no privacy what so ever. I mean don't get me wrong i do enjoy seeing photos of them but Shiloh isn't even one and she's been in over 2,000 articles. That's insane.
marley11 marley11 9 years
shiloh looks so much like brad pitt, but it looks like she's getting her mommy's lips!
jjkceo1 jjkceo1 9 years
I'm having approaching 7 months in my FIRST pregnancy and desperately need a diaper bag! I want to be a stylish mommy and this bag fits to a tee! Plus, it hangs on the stroller which is perfect.
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