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What to Call Baby: Do You Steer Clear of Celebrity Names?

Many girls have the name Paris or Ava, but does the first make you think City of Lights or a certain celebutante with the last name Hilton? And do you associate the latter with a family member, the Gabor sisters, or Reese Witherspoon's daughter? While Hollywood's baby boom has birthed some unique names from Kingston and Zuma (the Rossdale boys) to Harlow and Sparrow (the Madden tots), it's also dusted off some older names like Olivia, Alice, Ruby and Vivienne. While some parents-to-be take the trends as inspiration to name their babe, other moms and dads nix monikers like Angelina, Brad or Shiloh, (even if they are family names) because they don't want people to assume their tot's name came from Tinseltown. What's your opinion?

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talonsage talonsage 7 years
omigosh, I have no CLUE who Thandie Newton is, so the answer to that question is a resounding no. My husband and I had Ripley's name picked out, at least the Ripley Honor part, long before I even got pregnant with her. (She's now ten) When our first child turned out to be a boy (he died four days later due to HLHS) we had NO name for him. Poor kid had to tell US his name. (Turned out his name was Rhys.) Deidre, I gotta agree. I was surprised at just how ANGRY they were and my grandparents were totally baffled as to why anyone was upset at them calling Rip Elizabeth. They tried to pull the "Grampa gives all the kids nicknames (this is true) it's just a nickname!" We called bullshit on that. "Elizabeth" is just not on par with "Hacksaw". Then they came out with the, "But she'll get picked on at school." Our answer was simple and fueled a whole NEW fire. "No problem. We're homeschooling. She has three names. PICK ONE." A decade later you'd never know they had issues with her name, but still. Whenever I remember that time, I am still in awe of my parents. Go Mom and Dad!!
chicagojlo chicagojlo 7 years
I just had a baby and a lot of pregnant moms I met online were thinking about using names like Zuma and Shiloh and Suri. It's all very well saying you like the name but when you set your kid up for a life of having to answer the same old question about whether they are named after x,y, or z you are not doing them any favors! I was praying no celebs would call their boys the name I wanted for my son while I was pregnant because I didn't want to have to come up with a new one.
omigosh omigosh 7 years
talonsage, I admire your bravery for naming your daughter what YOU chose for her! I can't believe some people would try changing someone else's name because they don't like it. Hilarious about that onesie, too. I do believe the actress Thandie Newton has a daughter named Ripley. Was your daughter's name inspired by her? I think people should name their kids whatever they want. Of course, you should consider if it's nothing offensive that could hurt their child's feelings (but even that is subjective isn't it?) I always wanted to have a girl and name her Vivienne, and I remember when Brad and Angelina had their twins my first reaction was 'Oh Vivienne is a wonderful name!', quickly followed by 'Oh crap, now if I ever wanted to call my daughter that I'd have to consider if it wasn't too popular/related to them'. But that's life :)
Deidre Deidre 7 years
talonstage, that is without a doubt the greatest personalized onesie ever :) And kudos to your folks for coming to your defense. We don't have a name yet for our almost-here daughter, but my dad is already lecturing my grandmother and aunt that they have no say whatsoever in our baby's name. Gotta love that!
talonsage talonsage 7 years
Whenever I have, or friends of mine have one of those "They named their child WHAT?" moments, I take a breath and remind myself, and my friends that I have ZERO room to speak. (With the exception of kryetavilie spelled names) We named our daughter Ripley. Yeah. From Aliens. That Ripley. Ripley Honor Elora (which is actually not from "Willow" but is the combination of her three great grandmother's names, Elenore, Lois and Orpha). We've yet to meet another little girl named Ripley, which is in part, exactly what we wanted. I confess to going O__O at "Apple" and then reminded myself that just because everyone around us is used to Ripley doesn't mean that other people are. My grandparents disliked the name Ripley so much they tried to call her Elizabeth. No lie. I've NEVER seen my parents so angry at my grandparents before. Me? I had a onsie made up that said, "My name is Ripley, believe it or not." and dressed her in it to visit Great Grandma and Grampa. True story. I really should frame that onsie...
skigurl skigurl 7 years
it depends on how out there the name is...if i liked a celebrity name but it isn't solely linked with that person then i'd consider it
jenni5 jenni5 7 years
I just go with the names I like but usually the celeb names are a bit out there for me anyway (Apple, Zuma).
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