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Gwyneth Paltrow recently shared a picture of her children, Moses and Apple, rocking out at a Jay-Z concert (shown above; they call him Uncle Jay. Yeah, we're jealous too). While we're still not sure how we feel about the whole kids-at-concerts debate, the thing that interested us the most was Apple's new 'do. The 8-year-old was sporting some seriously shocking pink hair.

Apple joins other celeb offspring like Willow Smith, who has rocked yellow and green hair, and both Maddox Jolie-Pitt and Kingston Rossdale, who have sported blue mohawks and bleach-blond styles. Maddox's sister Zahara has also turned her locks a deep shade of blue. So what do you think? Is it cool to let your kids dye their hair before they reach their 10th birthdays? Or should hair dye be reserved for adults — or at least teenagers? Weigh in below.

amber512 amber512 5 years
I loved that my mom always said "It's just hair, it grows"  no matter what wacky or crazy thing I wanted to do with my hair, it's all temporary.
austinmommyof4 austinmommyof4 5 years
My daughter is 9 and in the 4th grade.  She had hot pink hair on the first day of school and has colored it more days than not this school year.  I like that she can express her style and not damage her hair.  She gets a lot of complements on her cut and her color and the school doesn't care so I have no problem with it.  We had been using Manic Panic, but we recently tried Color Brilliance brights and the color is amazing and it really last awhile - she has washed her hair 6 times and it is still there, a little lighter, but there.
Rebecca-M-Gruber Rebecca-M-Gruber 5 years
 @lickety split I had totally forgotten about the swim team hair dyes until you mentioned it. We always did that as kids!
lickety-split lickety-split 5 years
eh, no biggie.  the kids on swim teams dye their hair team colors for the big meets, (boys and girls) starting at about 5.  not all of them do it, but its common. henna tats too.
Assistant-Community-Manager Assistant-Community-Manager 5 years
Is it ok to be jealous of kids? Because, I am... very jealous! "Uncle Jay"
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