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11 Celeb Moms-to-Be Show Off the Benefits of Prenatal Exercise

Oct 11 2012 - 6:43am

We're still in shock over Kerri Walsh's news that she was five weeks pregnant when she won her third gold medal [1]. While doctors do not usually advocate such an intense exercise regime for expectant mamas, they do recommend remaining active to maintain prebaby strength, prepare for labor, and keep the heart healthy [2].

So though the idea of sitting down and eating bonbons sounds wonderful, moms-to-be know they need to get up off the couch and get moving. No one knows this more than expectant celebs who often subscribe to strict exercise routines when not expecting. Though they may tone down their regimens, they're not giving them up completely! See how 11 celeb moms-to-be kept fit during pregnancy.

Jenna Fischer kept up with her prebaby exercise routine. She was often seen meeting up with her trainer [3] throughout her pregnancy.

Bridget Moynahan has always maintained an active lifestyle, so she wasn't about to slow down just because she was expecting a baby. She said [4], "I grew up playing sports and I was on teams my whole life. I was also active during the Summers in tennis camps and basketball camps. I've just always been active; it's been part of my lifestyle my entire life. There was never a moment that I wasn't working out. I think it's been instilled from my childhood."

This photo of the actress was taken just days before she gave birth.

Hilary Duff [5] engaged in a combination Pilates/boxing/dance workout while pregnant with Luca. Her instructor said [6], "Piloxing is the first fitness program that blends the best of Pilates, boxing, and dance into a high-energy, hour-long interval workout. Since Hilary was already in good shape, she's able to do everything but at her own pace with a few modifications like taking more breaks to drink water and catch her breath when her heart rate goes up and not doing advanced ab exercises."

Known for her lean frame, Nicole Kidman [7] was not going to let nine months of pregnancy keep her from exercising. She was often seen leaving spin classes and jogging with a trainer outside.

Selma Blair [8] maintained her Pilates regime while pregnant with lil Arthur, often working out with fellow expectant mom Ali Larter [9]. Larter said [10], "I train with Selma Blair three to four times a week, and we do a pregnancy workout that we love!"

Ellen Pompeo [11] was often seen in gym clothes throughout her pregnancy with Stella — either coming out from the gym or hiking the LA hills.

Elle Macpherson focused on her abdominal muscles [12] throughout her pregnancy, sharing, "I started late in my pregnancy but the Tupler Technique abdominal exercises I learned for pushing and to prevent back problems really worked in labor."

Known for maintaining a strict exercise regime, Gisele Bundchen eagerly shared her prenatal exercise routine while pregnant with Ben [13], "I did kung fu up until two weeks before Benjamin was born, and yoga three days a week."

Now expecting her second child, she's been spotted riding a bike and leaving gym classes recently.

Reese Witherspoon [14]'s kids weren't the only ones active this Summer. The expectant mama was seen playing tennis, hiking, and jogging throughout her third pregnancy.

We're still amazed that gold medalist Kerri Walsh was newly pregnant at the Olympics [15]. The beach volleyball champ jumped, dove, and ran her way through her first trimester in London.

In the final weeks of pregnancy, Drew Barrymore [16] was spotted attending yoga classes near her home.

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