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Babysugar Diaries: Back Light

Feeding an infant in the middle of the night is a stealth operation. When my tot screams for milk at 3 a.m., I sneak into his nursery, pick him up gently, tiptoe over to the glider, and nurse him before laying back down to sleep. In an effort not to wake him completely, I never turn on the lights in his room for fear he will think it's time for the rooster to crow. Unfortunately, that means I can't see what I'm doing either. My solution? A cell phone.

Though I feel like a tracked beast on Animal Planet, I use my cell phone's back light to help guide my son to the breast in the dark. I can practically hear the voice-over, "Like a lioness, the mother directs her cub to the source of milk even in the darkness of night." But hey, it beats the overhead lights inciting a 4 a.m. play period, and also helps me keep track of feeding times.

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skigurl skigurl 8 years
i always use my cell to guide me around in the middle of the night if i have to go to the kitchen ot the bathroom this is a good idea...and it's not genius but people sometimes don't even think of it
jessie jessie 8 years
never used my cell for that purpose..but of course my kids are older. but i do use it for getting out of our room in the wee hours of the morning so i don't trip over anything..don't want to have to turn the light on and disturb hubby
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