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Changes During Week 19 of Pregnancy

Pregnancy at 19 Weeks

Pregnancy - Week 19

Your Body at 19 Weeks Pregnant

This is the last week to have your second trimester screen done. Schedule your anatomical scan and get it done soon as well.

Prenatal Classes

Now is a great time to start thinking about prenatal classes. Birth classes will prepare you and your partner for the labor and delivery process. They will give you a sense of what to expect during the labor and delivery process, and will help you to understand many of your options. Plus, there’s nothing like a birth class to encourage your partner to see you as the baby-growing goddess that you are. Many couples find these classes to bring them even closer together.

A good birth class will also help you to determine what you would like your birth experience to be like so that you can discuss this process with your health care provider. Many women write birth plans to bring with them to the hospital when it’s time to deliver. It’s important to remember, however, that births rarely go according to plan. However your labor and delivery process goes, don’t forget that you will have created a baby. Nothing is more amazing. Be kind and gentle to yourself in preparing for the birth process. You and your baby will have your own unique story.


Birth classes are also great places to meet other soon-to-be parents. You may find some lifelong friends for you and your baby. Other prenatal classes focus on breastfeeding, infant care and infant CPR. These classes should all be available at your local hospital or other private venues. Many moms strongly recommend taking a breastfeeding class, not only for the initial knowledge but also for the opportunity to meet a potential lactation consultant. Although most women plan to breastfeed their babies, many don’t realize that it may be challenging at the beginning. If you’re planning to breastfeed, it’s great to have as much support as possible in place prior to delivery.

Your Baby at 19 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby is now the length of a mango and weighs about eight and a half ounces. Her brain is developing rapidly. Her hair is growing, and the vernix coating her body continues to increase.


The preceding information was adapted from The Pregnancy Companion.

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