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Lil Community: Changing a Child's Internal Clock

Motherhood can be a mind-boggler! LilSugar reader modernmommy is looking for some advice in The Mommy Club.

So my daughter just turned two and she is a great kid! But no matter what I try she always gets up at 5am every morning. I have tried putting her to bed later or putting her to bed earlier and nothing seems to work at 5am like clockwork I hear her say, "mommy, I awake." I wondered if there are any other moms out there with an early bird child and if they had any tips on getting them to sleep just one hour later! All I want is to sleep until 6am! Any tips?

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schnappycat schnappycat 6 years
It's a tough one. My son is just an early riser and always has been (and it looks like my infant daughter is going to be, too). He's almost 3 and sometimes sleeps until 7 now, but 6 is still more the norm. We have been through periods where 5 or 5:30 were common. Have you tried the blackout curtains/shades? Maybe the light is waking her. Also, there are clocks on the market that will teach the child when it's ok to get up. Some have a sun/moon picture that you can set for a certain time so that when the sun lights up, she will know it's ok to wake you up. Is she still in her crib? Maybe have some safe toys in there so she can play quietly until it's a more appropriate get-up time.
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