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Cheers for Random Acts of Kindness to Moms

Cheers for Random Acts of Kindness to Moms

Your baby goes ballistic in the aisle of the grocery store. Your preschooler has an accident while you're waiting in a long first-come-first-serve line at the school to register. You just want to bolt for the parking lot. Or burst into tears of frustration.

It’s not easy being a mom. The silent prayer “somebody please help me,” is something most of us have thought at one time or another.

That’s why it is especially nice to come across stories that showcase moments when ordinary people act in extraordinarily kind ways to reach out and help moms in need.


And, that’s exactly why Adventures in Motherhood columnist Darci Jordan decided recently to shift the focus of her column to spotlight ordinary moments in which strangers offer random acts of kindness to moms. Her writing, which used to detail the routine perils of motherhood, appears in the Dayton Daily News.

“Typically the stories I hear from moms are about the dirty looks they get from people in restaurants, or their child having a tantrum,” says Jordan, an Ohio mom of three small children. “It is rare I hear about the kind acts from people - random strangers.”

So when readers wrote in with two stories of strangers helping moms in need, “I figured it was meant to be a topic,” says Jordan.

During the last few weeks, she has followed the impulse by sharing two stories that speak right to every mom’s heart. One of the stories described Laura, a frenzied mom stranded in the grocery store with a crying newborn and tantrum-throwing two-year-old. She was saved by a kind woman who calmly helped her gather her kids and groceries and trek to the car.

She also wrote about Holly, a mom who lost the family dog Howard, and then discovered to her surprise that her entire community rallied to bring the puppy safely home. After a week of searching, Howard was found, and “the size of the smiles on the girls' faces was priceless,” Jordan reports.

For Jordan, these stories speak volumes about how simple, random acts of kindness can make a tremendous difference in the lives of moms.

“We moms are trying our best - every day - but some days are harder than others. A simple act of kindness can turn a situation from bad to well, OK,” she writes. She also shares her stories about balancing life as a mom on Facebook.

Do you have any stories to share about times you've felt vulnerable and strangers have reached out to help?

Image Source: kweezy mcG via Flickr/Creative Commons

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Constance48660 Constance48660 6 years
I have one from just about a monthe ago. It was my daughter's birthday and she had decided that she wanted T.V. dinners for dinner so we when to the store. I picked up a few more things that I needed. We got in line and the cashier ask how my day was. My daughter answered with it's my birthday. Then I said I feel like I am going to go bankrupt with all the birthdays I have from the begining March 1 through to Easter. I have about 35 people in March alone that have birthdays. Three of my childeren have birthdays within 3 weeks of each other. Ok back on topic after the cashier was done ringing up my order. I started to pull out my debit card and the lady behind me swipe hers instead. I turned and looked at her and was in complete shock. I said thank you and she said birthday present. I thought it was completely awsome that she did that. She was completely unselfish. People like her are so rare anymore.
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