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Child Abuse Mystery Leaves Community in Shock

Child Abuse Mystery Leaves Community in Shock

An anonymous call to the Missouri Children's Division's child abuse hotline likely saved the life of a Kansas City girl who seems to have suffered years of abuse. Police officers discovered the 10-year-old child locked in a filthy closet; she weighed only 32 pounds. Authorities arrested the girl's mother, Jacole Prince, and charged her with assault and child abuse and endangerment.

Jackson County's community and social workers were in shock after finding out Prince was hiding her daughter in the closet. Not even Prince's boyfriend appeared to know that the 10-year-old girl was living with her mother.

Prince, 29, has two other daughters described by everyone as "clean and well fed." No one was able to explain why she had singled out her 10-year-old.


Read the whole story (Huffington Post).

Would you speak up if you thought a child you knew was being abused?

Image Source: Fox 4 News

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lindayerkey lindayerkey 4 years
well yes i would ,speakout ,./ u mite be the only one ,that child has to save her life,or his , we have to find away to beat this childs abuse in, and around the world ,i love children ,and i will fight 4 there life so that they can ,live a better and have a safer way of life,
JessicaParker JessicaParker 4 years
well glad missouri Children divisions does their job if they where Medicine Hat the child would of died called on my step sons bio mother 4 times in the last 5 yrs and they blew it off everytime even when we gave them 12 numbers to some being her own family with how she has abused my step son (we now have custody and can bet your ass he will not be dealing with her again and if CS shows up being telling them to fuck right off till they have a warrent not welcome in my home
NancyArellano NancyArellano 4 years
speak shout out load and clear..and then tell the parent ..have a nice life in prison!
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