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Child Born with Heart Outside Body

Child Born with Heart Outside Body

If you were told in the first twelve weeks of your pregnancy that your child had not one, but two very serious heart defects and was unlikely to survive, what would you do?

As the Huffington Post reports, Pennsylvanians Leighann and Henry Marquiss were faced with that decision when doctors told them their child had both "hypoplastic right heart syndrome" and "ectopia cordis," an abnormally located heart. Out of every million babies born with ectopia cordis, only five to eight survive.

The Marquiss family continued the pregnancy, and their baby, Ryan, was born with half his heart outside his body and only the left side of his heart properly developed. Yet amazingly, after dozens of operations Ryan is alive and well today, and is celebrating his third birthday!


Read Ryan's story (Huffington Post)

Do you know a child who has survived a dangerous medical condition?

Image Source: Barcroft Media / Landov via Huffington Post

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CaseyDryden CaseyDryden 5 years
Our daughter was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, and Pulmonary and Aortic Stenosis. Unfortunately the most devastating, traumatizing, event a parent could ever experience happened. We lost her this past July 2011. She was 7 years old. She was a beautiful girl inside and out and she loved life. I miss her beyond anything I could ever imagine. If it weren't for my son and cannot honestly say that I would still be here. She had several open heart surgeries and catheterizations. Feeding tubes, IV's , continual blood testing. The surgeries were successful at the time and lasted for many years but than began to fail. She was put on the Heart Transplant List a year ago. She got her new Heart but it was too late. She died a week later. Although I am grateful for the time we had with her I find myself feeling guilty on a daily basis for the suffering she endured. She knew her condition and wanted to live and couldn't wait to get her new heart so she could play and run like the other kids. then, in the end not losing the battle. Now at the end of it all, I think to myself..... I am so fortunate to have those wonderful 7 years with her but how fair was that to her? If she had known that at the end of her painful struggle that she was not going survive. What would she have chosen? Would she have chosen to live knowing this?
Julie81316 Julie81316 5 years
Find achurch that believes in AND proves that God can heal - Ive heard far more serious stories than thihs ... Run an ad int eh paper if you have to OR ask God yourself, to heal that precious little one in your womb ♥
JareenSherman JareenSherman 5 years
For me I would pray like I never prayed before and ask everyone else to pray.
CourtneyDunmire CourtneyDunmire 5 years
Anyone wonder if it isn't God but science saving people? God was around 200 years ago and all these babies would have died back then. Or maybe moms will sell their souls to the devil to save their baby. Praise God.
NicholeThalji NicholeThalji 5 years
Praise God they made it. Blessings to the family.
KellyRussell33945 KellyRussell33945 5 years
We have friends that were told to abort as well. claimed she would have too many health problems by healthcare professionals. She was only a preemie and has lived a normal life. She is now 15 and has no issues whatsoever. Her parents are so thankful that they hoped and prayed for health and got it. God is the great physician!
MelissaParker39767 MelissaParker39767 5 years
This is a personal choice that each person would have to make on their own, there shouldn't be any judgment. Isn't it a miracle that survival is an option through medicine these days!
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