In the case of Richard Heene, the acronym UFO may mean something else: Unruly Father Overacts. While the giant Jiffy Pop saucer may have attracted the whole country's attention, it was the parents' history of taking their three children on storm chases that made me raise my eyebrows. While I may have little in common with people who race after hurricanes, I would like to think that moms and dads always have one goal in mind — the safety of their children. Putting babes (unbuckled and all) in the back of the family car to videotape record-breaking gusts of wind and funnels of debris seems flat-out mad. But it was the silver balloon that had Child Protective Services (CPS) questioning the Heene household.

Officially declared a hoax, it seems the larger concern now is making sure the children are being cared for in the best possible environment. One source claims Richard Heene used his sons as pawns to gather media attention. While it may be questionable to parade one's offspring around on television, it is another to ask children to lie and support felony-inducing behaviors. Not only are the boys learning how to break the law, they are being dragged through a media circus and are sure to face judgment thanks to their parents. Do you think CPS should investigate the parents to see if they are guilty of child abuse?