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How Do Your Children Get to School?

What child hasn't heard the story of their parents hiking five miles to school, uphill (in both directions) during a blizzard? Such tall tales may seem even more foreign to kids as fewer moms are allowing their lil ones to walk to school on their own. According to the National Household Travel Survey, child abductions, unsafe traffic conditions, and neighborhood conditions can be blamed for the decline in the number of walkers from 41 percent in 1969 to 13 percent in 2001.

Following the discovery of Jaycee Duggard, the New York Times looked into the dwindling number of school kids who walked to school and found there is a heated debate over the matter. While helicopter parents may escort their wee ones the one or two blocks to class, free-range parents feel the need to cut the cord. Mamas who allow their offspring to walk alone often face the wrath of neighbors and school administrators who scold them for their decisions and require them to sign permission slips that explain their decision to allow solo journeys.

How does your child get to school each day?

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vmruby vmruby 8 years
She rides the bus to school even though her school is in walking distance. I won't let her walk only because the street that her school is located on is a very busy area traffic-wise and I'm concerned that something will happen even though there are crossing guards around.
MissSushi MissSushi 8 years
I absolutely love giving children the freedom to walk or ride bikes to school with their siblings and friends, however its not feasable in the majority of cities. I don't plan on living where we do now by the time my kids are in school, but if they were there is no way in hell i'd let them anywhere without me. I hope to live in one of the neighborhoods near the school I went to when I was a child by then, so they have these options. Unfortunately, for parents who live in most large cities where it goes from good to bad too quickly, it's never going to be a safe option. It's pretty annoying to label them helicopter parents.
acesbabydoll acesbabydoll 8 years
I drive my kids to school. : )
psterling psterling 8 years
Unless children have to cross really busy intersections and/or areas without sidewalks I don't think I'll have a problem letting my child walk to school in with a friend.
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