Suri Cruise had a second birthday fete that would break most people's piggy banks, but some parents shell out bucks because there is no other option.

For urban dwellers living in tight spaces, children's birthday parties are a necessary splurge. It's one thing if your lil darling made his or her debut during the warm weather months as you can throw their soiree at the local park or playground. And, it's quite another when you can't rely on the climate forecast. To see what my options are,


My son is a November baby who turns two in a matter of weeks so we'll be inviting twenty of his buddies and their parents to a get together. Our flat cannot accommodate the number of kids, let alone parents, so we looked into other options. The price of park and rec club houses rival those of indoor playgrounds so we've decided on one that allows the kids to play for two hours before they are escorted to a festive room for the lunch hour and cake. Our no frills, but plenty of thrills party for our lil guy will likely set us back twelve hundred dollars. Before becoming a mom, I would have thought the expenditure was insane. Now, having planned six parties between my two kids, I realize it's the economical option. I can't wait until we own a house and throw basic pin-the-tail on the donkey and face paint parties in the backyard and basement.