With Passover Seders just a week away, Jewish families are preparing their homes for the eight night commemoration of the exodus from Egypt. The holiday is one of the few religious holidays that has a distinctive role for children with both the reading of the four questions and the search for the afikomen (the broken middle piece of matzoh that is hidden prior to the Seder). While your tot may be too young to do the four questions this year, there are plenty of books to help introduce them to the Spring holiday and teach them about Moses, Pharaoh and the ten plagues. Two of my favorites include My First Passover Board Book, which features real life photos of the items your tot will see throughout the holiday, to a Passover version of The Gingerbread Man about a man made of matzoh who runs away. Check out some of our picks below, and check back here tomorrow for more Passover fun.