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Children's Deaths Blamed on L.A. County's Welfare System

Children's Deaths Blamed on L.A. County's Welfare System

Children's Deaths Blamed on L.A. County's Welfare System

How do you know when a child is in so much danger at home that he should be taken from his parents?

Social workers employed by Los Angeles county's child welfare system face that complex question daily, often without the technology needed to access a child's previous records. The department's failure to find and remove kids who were in immanent danger from beatings and other forms of maltreatment have contributed to the deaths of 70 children over the last three years, including those of Jorge Tarin and Deandre Green  a number that has the attention of the county's Board of Supervisors. 

Referring to the poorly functioning tablet computers that social workers are supposed to rely on while visiting and assessing families, Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas told The Los Angeles Times last year that, "We wouldn't think of sending soldiers to war carrying jammed rifles."

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Do you know a child who should be removed from his parents?

Image Source: Via The Los Angeles Times

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BethBailey28673 BethBailey28673 6 years
Lisa I agree with you, what a hard job you have! I would not want to be the person to make such hard choices everyday. Patricia: It does not seem that you are holding your daughter to blame very much and I do not know where you live but most states have grandparent right. If you know your grand daughter is in this situation shame on you for not doing more to get her out. I have 5 grandkids and I would fight to the end to get them out of a situation like this. Don't blame other people do something about it!!
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