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Children Destroy Home with Bag of Flour

Children Destroy Home with Bag of Flour, Caught on Camera (VIDEO)

This kid video is not your typical giggling baby caught on camera interlude. Thunder-struck, a mom-of-two captures the aftermath of her two young boys destroying the family's living room with a five pound bag of flour. She remains amazingly calm while her sons continue to innocently play with "the snowman's puke." But as she discovers the extent of the mess she repeats, "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh."

Do you think you would have remained as calm as this mom?

MargaretCreelman MargaretCreelman 5 years
The house is not 'destroyed.' A vacuum cleaner, some wet paper towels and some time will sort it out. No glass broken, no furniture torn. Quit whining.
JodiPoniewaz JodiPoniewaz 5 years
as someone whose kids have made a ton of bizarre messes... this looks staged and fake to me.
BeckyLovdahl BeckyLovdahl 5 years
I don't know if I would of been that calm, but I do know if I did that to my Mom I would know right from wrong.
MelissaZimmerman81447 MelissaZimmerman81447 5 years
my son used to break any bread he had into tiny bits and spread it all over the floor/ rug and beyond!
LauraEvans81836 LauraEvans81836 5 years
I call shenanigans. Seriously, I believe a bag of flour could do that much damage, but how did a one and three year old get the flour so even all over the room? Kids would dump it out in one or two spots and then play with it. Now it is on Youtube with commercials before it? Sounds like someone might be making money off this?? Sorry, don't believe it. Dont. Be--lieve. It.
TraciePiercy TraciePiercy 5 years
My first question was also, "Where was Mommy when this was going on?" But if you read what she said as a comment in her video, it said she wasn't feeling good. And was in the bathroom for a little longer than usual. But wow, apparently they can't be left alone for very long at all.
mabroukaabdelli mabroukaabdelli 5 years
a real could this mom manage to clean up this big mess
NatalieTrott NatalieTrott 5 years
god this woman is annoying .....and I don't believe the two kids could spread it that far...also where does she keep her flour FGS ? ...
RebeccaNelson15346 RebeccaNelson15346 5 years
I think thats funny and would of LOL about it. If my kids did that I would think will i should have NOT left that where they can get it. LOL
DoraLoCascioWiggs DoraLoCascioWiggs 5 years
That was hysterical. Parents are just too uptight these days. It is nothing that a vacuum cleaner can't clean up. I gave my 3yr old 1 wall in his play room to paint as he wished. He had a blast going to town. Some paint even got on the floor. So what. The important thing is that he had a blast, no one got hurt and we created a memory that will last forever. I even gave my son berries to eat 1 time after we went picking for them. He didnt eat them. He painted his face, hair and table with them. I grabbed the camera and just took pictures. Afterwards I simply cleaned up the mess.
ValeriaSereia ValeriaSereia 5 years
Made up.
AndreaDoig20783 AndreaDoig20783 5 years
The flour is spread too evenly and in places the kids can't reach. Obviously the mom didn't freak out or anything because it was set up.
AndreaDoig20783 AndreaDoig20783 5 years
This video is SOOO FAKE!!
nicolesmurphat nicolesmurphat 5 years
my daughter has done that with baby powder twice.... i feel for her...... but i was not so calm.... omg....
AdrianaPhillips AdrianaPhillips 5 years
At least it was flour and not eggs. Flour is easy to clean, just keep it dry. My 2nd oldest child when she was 2 took 3 dozen of eggs out of the fridge and smashed them into the carpet. She did it in less then 10 mins while I was up stair collecting laundry.
tabithatantawi tabithatantawi 5 years
don't know if I'd laugh or freak out!
michellejackson71720 michellejackson71720 5 years
this shows they were un supervised for a long time. she should have known something would happen that didnt happen in 2 seconds
MadieKnudson MadieKnudson 5 years
What do you people expect the mom to do?? Strangle her little kids? They are babies!!! Did you want to hear her screaming at them? I can see doing that if they were older, but the oldest kid looked like he was maybe 3.
Christina68191 Christina68191 5 years
She clearly keeps a nice house so I think she would be more devastated than that. I would actually cry! That or beat them! One things for sure my son would know that he'd done something wrong and wouldn't be asking "what's wrong mummy"?!
JessicaRose5216 JessicaRose5216 5 years
This is funny though. I don't know how she stayed so calm!
JessicaRose5216 JessicaRose5216 5 years
How do you let something like this happen to begin with? I check on my kids more often than this.
MelindaPitman MelindaPitman 5 years
Oh I laughed so hard. It's really not that bad it's just flour which cleans up pretty easy. It could have been paint or worse chocolate syrup!
RobynBurke RobynBurke 5 years
lol I'm not alone, my kids do things like this and you instantly go into shock, my son cut my daughters hair in 6 places at 6 different lengths just last week, he was playing with scissors, just cutting paper I turned around for 5 minutes and well that was enough for me to have to get her hair re-cut and I hate her haircut. When I noticed I laughed, I cried and I was mad all at once. you cannot sit with your children 24/7 and still finish getting things done I can totally see how his can happen, my 2 have dumped 2 dozen eggs on my floor qwhile I was cleaning their rooms up, they've sprayed my entire floor with Pam cooking spray and put the can back so I didn't notice until I fell on the floor, they have chocolate syruped my house and made toilet paper trails. Having 2 kids close in age like that makes it very hard to keep up with them, mine are 11 months apart
CelesteYoung66544 CelesteYoung66544 5 years
This is an incredible mess! Staying calm is so much better than yelling and screaming! My twins could pull that mess off in 5 min flat! It's easy for them to make that kind of a mess. Don't think a set up, but I probably would of have shouted then run for the video camera. Most people don't believe kids can destroy so much so fast!! This is proof of what they are capable of! Especially boys who are close in age. Working as a team! Congrats to this mom for staying calm!
CourtneyBull CourtneyBull 5 years
I like how people asked, "where was the mom?". Yeah, how dare she leave the room, go to the bathroom, etc.... This could of been made easily in 5-10 min. Please don't tell me you never walk out of a room, leaving your child for a few min here and there to actually accomplish things around your house. And no, I doubt a set up. I've run for the camera the same way sometimes when I realize something like this has happened. Otherwise, who in the world would believe this actually happened or as bad? And yeah, she's just in shock but I doubt she looks happy, i.e., "What's wrong Mommy?". And you can hear her voice shaking. I give her credit, camera or no, I'd not of been so calm myself.
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