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OnSugar Blog: That Little Red Monster Is Driving Me Nuts!

Lots of moms like to think out loud, and Jo Aaron is one of them. Here is a post from her Mommy Brain blog.

Finally back from summer break and loving it. Of course one of my son's schools actually started a few weeks ago and though my daughter's school doesn't start until next week, they then take most of the month of October off for the Jewish holidays. Not that I'm complaining.

So while I can't make September 13th come faster, we've been amping up the excitement by practicing my daughter's teacher's names, Cookie and Helena. "Cookie and Elmo!" Oh, poor, poor Helena. Despite all of the facetime this wonderful woman put in with my daughter last year, she will now be referred to as Elmo. Thankfully, Helena has a fantastic sense of humor and accepted the nickname graciously during the back to school picnic. We'll see how it goes over once school actually begins.


What I hope our lovely teacher can understand is that that freaking little red monster is a common response to questions in our house. For example, "What do you want to eat? Elmo!" "Do you love Monte (our dog)? No, Elmo!" "What's your brother's name? Elmo!"

I used to go out of my way to explain that in most cases, Elmo was not the correct answer to my question, my favorite being, "What are you doing? Elmo!" (over your father's dead body!!!), but I recently found out that she knows she's messing with me.

Apparently my 21-month-old cupcake has learned how to joke, 21-month-style. When you're a tot, being funny is all about the eyes. She does this thing where she looks to one side, like she's telling you a secret, and to be honest, and totally biased, it's hilarious. I must have laughed really hard the first time she did it because she now knows to use it whenever she's being a little naughty. And whenever she's pissing me off by answering all of my questions with Elmo. Well, I finally got smart-or smart-ass-y-because I found Elmo shaped noodle soup at Whole Foods...just wait until the next time I ask her what she wants to eat!

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