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Trendtotting: Pigskin Apparel

Baseball is coming to a close and basketball is still in pre-season. You know what that means? Football! Lots and lots of football. Whether it's college or professional pigskin that's a household favorite, chances are someone in your house is watching a brown leather ball get tossed around a 100-yard field on Saturday, Sunday or both!

Many mamas and papas dress their mini mes up in their favorite team jerseys and encourage them to cheer the ballers on to victory. Personally, I just like to doll them up in athletic sweats that make them look sporty. Check out these bargain deals from The Children's Place. Cozied up like a lil prepster, your wee one will also have that athletic edge to him.

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milosmommy milosmommy 8 years
They have little pairs of sweat-pants that match the shirts (hoodies and tees) and they were a great deal too. I think they were 2 for $18 when I went. I got 2 for my son because they're the perfect thing for him to wear. We like them better than jeans because they seem to be a lot easier for him to move around in. The jeans tend to be too constricting.
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