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Children's Place Sexist T-Shirts For Kids

Parents Boycott "Sexist" T-Shirts From The Children's Place

There's no point in dumbing down your kids, which is why some parents are outraged at The Children's Place for its "My Best Subjects" t-shirts that suggest girls won't like math but instead prefer more material activities like shopping for diamonds. Parents went public about their displeasure, especially after seeing boys' shirts in the same category suggest that they are active and superheroes.

To find out what the shirts say and how the apparel chain responded, read the whole story on The Huffington Post.

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CoMMember13613661130446 CoMMember13613661130446 3 years
I think this is an issue! With people like Jessica Simpson giggling at her own ignorance, girls are growing up thinking it's cute and will get you positive attention to "play dumb" while twirling your hair and rolling your eyes. I'm sick of young girls being swayed from showing off their intelligence to avoid seeming like a brainiac or dorky and putting looks first, especially at such a young age. The most important things I wish for my daughter to have are compassion, eloquence, an open mind, a sense of humor, intelligence of her highest capability and talents unique to her that make her feel special and gifted along with a high self esteem that allowsher to feel confident in who she is in her natural and genuine state. While, this shirt alone should not be such a huge concern, the society we live in ,where so much emphasis is put on materialistics, should be concerning to us all! What happened to the world our grandparents grew up in where hard work, smarts and dedication came first?
ChetMC ChetMC 3 years
I agree with StephanieArnold43187. People need to get a real issue. Besides, it does say "nobody's perfect" under the math check box. The shirt is actually suggesting that lack of math is a character flaw.
StephanieArnold43187 StephanieArnold43187 3 years
This is pathetic. People will complain about the silliest things. There are bigger issues in this world than a shirt. It's a SHIRT. Oh how the world would be a much better place if people didn't take offense to everything.
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