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Children Want to Be Tan

Kids As Young As 6 Want This Physical Change

News about celebrities in the media is having at least one negative influence on kids. A new survey reveals parents might need to have an important conversation with their children about the dangers of tanning starting as early as grade school.

Of the 1,000 children between the ages of 6 and 16, who the British beauty retailer Superdrug polled, 62 percent wanted a tanner complexion, one-third said they sunbathe, and 21 percent said they "would think nothing of putting body oils and lotions on arms and legs" to get tanner.

Doctors fear that because many respondents are influenced by celebrities they see in the media, it could lead to an increase in "tanorexia."

Read the whole story at the Huffington Post.

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VanessaJackyDavis VanessaJackyDavis 4 years
I just want to remind all you wonderful mother's out there that sunburns during childhood can significantly raise the chances of getting cancer as an adult. Our children are more beautiful just as they are naturally, while they are still children, than they will ever be. Let's help them learn to respect and take pride in their beautiful skin. And understand that our differences are what make us unique and special individuals. And Anonymousanonymous, I hope you're right.
HollyLee HollyLee 4 years
There are moms who see their kids as little show ponies. "Toddlers in Tiarras"? If the moms value increasing skin cancer risk, so will the kids. It's definitely unique to particular families. I've met too many familes to discount anything.
anonymousanonymous anonymousanonymous 4 years
oops - I meant octagenarian not octageneration.
anonymousanonymous anonymousanonymous 4 years
Really? I think the author of this article was trying very hard to write about something. Find me a child under the age of 10 who can sit for 1 - 2 hours sunbathing and I'll find you an octageneration who is doing a triatholan. The point is that it's a rare occurrence to see kids relaxing in the sun like adults. As for putting oils on their skin, what parent would allow that? We belong to a community pool and I have never seen an oiled up child. Most kids have sun screen on even when they easily tan. Sorry, but this article was ridiculous. The author probably saw a couple of kids from her neighborhood who are not from the norm and decided that this is becoming a national health issue.
AnnaMagner AnnaMagner 4 years
I tell my daughter about the importance of eating healthy and exercising to be healthy. She knows I am trying to lose weight because I need to for my health and that although I donot wish to be overweight I am not striving to be underweight either. I donot tan. I take care of my skin and she is happy with herself the way she is. I think letting your natural beauty shine through by subtly enhancing with a touch of makeup that multi tasks is great.
LauralChan LauralChan 4 years
I show pictures to my girls containing overly tan individuals and their leathery, saggy skin. We all agree it is gross and unhealthy and that we should be happy with the complexion we have.
DoreenStodolski DoreenStodolski 4 years
These Women who are mom's,,,,,Really should NOT have Been Moms,,,,,,I guess Children are just an Assesorery !
Dawnetta14584767 Dawnetta14584767 4 years
True beauty is spiritual, and inside. Not the physical beauty outside. Gotta teach our daughters and nieces that.
BeckiPeterson40850 BeckiPeterson40850 4 years
Don't think it is the media. Just what they see around them. Mommy, auntie...all tan. Tan high schoolers\middle schoolers...just like everything else, they want to fit in and get "positive" attention.
Pamela72540 Pamela72540 4 years
I agree that parents need to have a talk with their kids. Skin cancer is nothing to sneeze at. As long as parents keep those lines of communication open and stress the importance of sunblock, kids will be ok. I'm not sure what the point of having a survey posted just to say what we all know...TALK TO YOUR CHILDREN!!!
GeorgetteToto1370828773 GeorgetteToto1370828773 4 years
REALLY!!! Have you ever seen a six year old sunbath, they lay there close their eyes for three seconds then run off cause something caught their attention. And let's get real people give them sun block and let them go. We all grew up in the sun, and I love the sun. Just teach them to respect it.
AshleyMcKone AshleyMcKone 4 years
I really dont believe it's the medias fault. I mean go to a beach and over half of the " hot" woman there are tanning. Ever male on the beach is checking them out. So many little girls just want to be older ( I know cause I was one of thoughts girls) a 6 year old girl isn't going to look at a magazine and say oh she has really tanned skin. She's going to go to the beach and see that her nabours are tanning and they are attractive ppl who get a lot of " positive" attention.
TeriTrapp TeriTrapp 4 years
This is just one more thing we'll have to instill in our kids' confidence. Maybe Hollywood should make it more public that most of their stars have spray tans that are very temporary. Instead, we have to hold our little girls while they cry because they don't understand why everyone else can have a tan.
AmburHubbard AmburHubbard 4 years
I understand using something to temporarly change your look. But that's what makeup is for. I was teased a lot as a teen for my incredibly light complexion. Ivory is too dark for me. My cousin used to call me powder. So I understand that there can be a lot of pressure. people seem to think that you need to be the right weight height shape and color. But we are the human race. beauty is so varried. from the palest ivory to the darkest ebony, all skin shades are beautiful. perhaps children should be taught by their parents to love their bodies? It bothers me that this society thinks you shouldn't be too black or too white or too yellow or too red. I would be sad if everyone was a medium bronze. there would be a less beauty in the world.
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