Looking for a little support? LilSugar reader Beaner is in search of the perfect nursing bra and is asking our readers for some help in The Pregnancy Posse group.

I had a slightly traumatic experience at my local mall's Motherhood Maternity store. Not only were their bras unsupportive and not that easy to use, they were the most unsexy pieces of underwear I've ever seen. Not that I need to look like a Victoria's Secret model while feeding my babe, but seriously, I felt so unattractive and frustrated, I just left the store.

I'm wondering if any of you moms-to-be have any advice on where to get good nursing bras that are easy to use, supportive, and not too pricey. I'd also be interested in knowing good places to get nursing camis. Also, how do I know what size to get? I'm 36 weeks now and would rather get some bras before the baby comes because bra shopping is the last thing I want to do after I give birth. Thanks!

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