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Could You Have a Silent Birth?

Here's a post from our partners at BabyCenter! Every week, we bring you the best parenting and lifestyle stories from the experts at BabyCenter, including this post from Summer Schiavo about giving birth silently.

When I was in labor with both my children, all my breathing lessons from the childbirth class completely evaporated in my brain. The pain was crazy and beyond anything I could have imagined. With my first, I really did try the breathing, but ended up screaming like mad, and eventually had the epidural.

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With my second baby, I just went ahead and screamed! I was so loud; I am certain the entire hospital could hear me. The nurses told me I should try to breath rhythmically, so I tried. I really did! But every time I tried the rhythmic breathing I just wanted to puke.

Being helpful, the nurses got me one of those kidney-shaped bowls in case I puked and otherwise encouraged me to continue the breathing. Instead I asked them if I could just scream, because it felt better actually. The breathing really was making me nauseous. They laughed and said go for it, so I did! I am sure I terrified any first time moms in the early stages of labor who could hear me! Ah well…


So now I was reading in the BabyCenter Community and found this thread about silent labor. Apparently a lot of women actually go through all or nearly all the stages of labor without even making a peep. How is this possible, I wonder?!?! Some mention hypno-birthing, others mention that they are quiet people in general, several say they were very focused on getting through it. Many said they felt screaming was a waste of energy.

I definitely tend to agree, that screaming is a waste of energy. I was lucky both my labors went by quickly (8 hours for my first, 4 for my second), so I didn’t have to worry too much in the end about saving my energy.

Are you aiming to have a silent labor? Did you manage to do this yourself? How did you manage this amazing feat?

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mnwatson1 mnwatson1 3 years
I did with my son. It wasn't really a choice, honestly. I never thought to myself, "I'm not going to scream, or yell," or anything like that. I'm just normally pretty quiet, and it just seemed to bring that part out of me. I asked a few questions, and said a few things, but as far as being in pain, I really didn't say much of anything through my son's birth.
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