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OnSugar Blog: Audrey's Big Score

Lots of moms like to think out loud, and MiaFT is one of them. This is an excerpt from one of the latest posts on her Baby Love blog.

So this is what Audrey is going to get this year for Christmas!  Yes, I went a little overboard, but I couldn't help myself!

So let me give you a rundown of all of her loot. As you can see, I hit the Disney Store...hard! I bought her both nightgowns for Snow White and Belle, as well as the Animators' dolls. I also bought the Mrs. Potts tea set, from Beauty and the Beast, as well as the movie itself. It's her new favorite. I recorded it recently, and she is in love!


How cute is the little red rocking horse....I mean, moose? She saw that at Ikea and we literally had to tear her off kicking and screaming. She is going to love it! I'm sure she'll be on it all Christmas Day.

I also shopped at Buy Buy Baby and got some great stuff! The cutest Melissa and Doug clock puzzle. What a great toy! On this one little toy she can learn about numbers, shapes, colors, and time. I challenge you to find a more educational toy. I also picked up the Melissa and Doug mailbox. She is always fascinated by the mailboxes we pass on the street. I think she'll love having her own! I picked up a cute little Wizard of Oz book, which is kind of for me since it still is my favorite movie ever. Oh and I got her a VTech digital camera. Yes, you read that right, a digital camera. It is only $40, so don't think I'm crazy.  But it is built kid-proof, and can actually take pictures and videos. I am looking forward to seeing the world through her little eyes!

Finally, I stopped at Kohl's. I got a little fish tank lamp. She is in love with fish (since her Nemo phase) and it will be much easier than getting a real fish tank that would have to be cleaned. While I was there, I also picked up their Nancy Tillman hardcover books. They are part of Kohl's Cares. They only cost $5 each and 100 percent of the profits will support kids' health and education initiatives in communities nationwide. It's a great deal, and it helps others. And books make the best gifts!

Christmas is really for the kids, and I can't wait to see her smiling face on Christmas Day!  I guess now I have to start shopping for everyone else on my list...

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