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Chuck E. Cheese's Opens Its Doors Early to Give Kids With Autism a Sensory-Sensitive Experience

For parents of kids with autism, arcades can be an absolute nightmare — blinking lights, tons of children running around, and enough blasting noise to send anyone into sensory overdrive. But now, Chuck E. Cheese's and the Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD) have teamed up to give children with autism a toned down experience, which they're calling "Sensory Sensitive Sundays."

The Attleboro, MA, location will host this special event on the first Sunday of every month to give children with autism an enjoyable time at Chuck E. Cheese's and families of children with autism a more relaxing experience. "We are excited to provide a special opportunity every month for sensory sensitive families to enjoy their favorite pizza and games in a safe and friendly environment of tolerance and understanding," the Attleboro location manager said in a press release.

The sensory-friendly Sundays began on Nov. 4 and feature reduced noise and dimmed lighting from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Another Chuck E. Cheese's in Glen Burnie, MD, holds the same kind of event on the second Sunday of every month. These Chuck E. Cheese locations are setting an incredible example, and we hope more locations and other major family entertainment centers can follow their lead.

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