Cindy Crawford is more than a pretty face, she's a mother. And, this Wonder Woman is using her voice to ensure that the footprints she leaves behind are done so with Eco–conscience care.

To see what this mama of two is doing,


Realizing the impact her bottled water drinking habit was having on Mother Earth, she began using the PUR water filter system to fill up aluminum bottles instead.

Knowing how easy it was to transition, she teamed up with PUR water and SIGG bottles to encourage people to take the same steps she has.

Unique to the Thirsty for Change campaign, the supermodel mama designed a $20 limited–edition SIGG bottle. All of the proceeds will go to Children's Safe Drinking Water, which prevents water–related diseases in developing countries.

It's inspiring to see a mother who needs for nothing, do so much for our children's futures.