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Circle of Moms Giveaway: City Mini Baby Jogger Stroller

<a href=Circle of Moms Giveaway: City Mini Baby Jogger Stroller" title="Circle of Moms Giveaway: City Mini Baby Jogger Stroller" />

Circle of Moms, in partnership with Baby Jogger, is giving away one City Mini Stroller (in stone color). To enter, simply add your answer to this question in the comments section:

What's your favorite outdoor activity to do with your children?

The City Mini is Baby Jogger's award-winning light weight stylized stroller which comes equipped with their patented quick fold technology making it easy to fold and store, and smooth steering.


You must be a Circle of Moms member to enter. The contest closes at 11.59pm (PST) on March 22, 2011. Terms and Conditions apply.

Image Source: Baby Jogger City Mini

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astewart6857 astewart6857 2 years

I love to take color walks this time of year and go to the cider mill! :)

RashidaMithani RashidaMithani 4 years
Just an FYI this contest ended over two years ago
KathyIocca KathyIocca 4 years
Have a beautiful new great grandbaby that I would love to take a good walk with. Will certainly let mom use too
Toma14601020 Toma14601020 4 years
My stroller was stolen on MOTHER"S DAY. But I still need one to get quickly to places in the city with my 2.5 year old son. sigh
FaithPeneaux FaithPeneaux 5 years
Taking an evening walk with my children regularly, we live in the country so we enjoy the walk as well as looking at the insects alongside the road.
AmandaMolnar AmandaMolnar 6 years
My favorite outdoor activity is to ride my back with my 2 year old. He has a seat on the back of my bike. He loves to show he what route to take & show me all the different animals we see along the way. We try to do this every evening the weather permits us to.
CoMMember13627312095888 CoMMember13627312095888 6 years
I would love to take my son for a walk and go by the pond to see the ducks now that it is nice. My son is 7 months old and for 3 months of his life he was stuck in the hospital come to find out he needed heart surgery after the hospital the doctors wanted him to take it easy at home so we haev not had a chance to really go out and have fun. I would love to be able to push him around to the pond now that the wether is getting better and his doctor says it is ok for him to be outside. Please pick me, our family really needs it, only my husband is working and I have to stay at home due to his medical problems. He can not be in daycare because of all the other children. Thank you
TandraDowney TandraDowney 6 years
We love taking the dog for a walk together and playing in the sprinkler in our backyard! I cant wait til its warm enough to swim! We also have been having picnics at the park alot lately and its well on its way to being a favorite family activity. Thanks!
RebecaRoecken RebecaRoecken 6 years
Me and my 3 girls 6months,31/2 yrs and 9yrs live in the city! we love it walks by the wonderful shops, great food and entertainment,firetrucks and brightlight my girls have a blast everytime we go out...... its an adventure all the time and the bonus is we could walk further down a few blocks and reach the local park and forest we can see wild life and ponds with wounderful flowers in the summer and ice scultures in the winter My BaBiEs LOVE IT !!
AmandaFox35333 AmandaFox35333 6 years
playing at the park taking walks in the stroller that got ruined:( Seeing the farm animals those are our favorite mommy and daughter outdoor activity
Kellie2514950 Kellie2514950 6 years
walking around the shopping centre, she loves to sit up and look around at all the activity going on. The Zoo is high in the agenda! even though she's only 4 months old I think she'd love it!
CoMMember13626632298723 CoMMember13626632298723 6 years
I'd love to take my kid for a nice stroll in a park.
SheeluMathews SheeluMathews 6 years
we love to go to the park !!
AshleyGorzen AshleyGorzen 6 years
Me and my child LOVE to go to the park.. first we will walk around the neighborhood looking for new and interesting things to discover, then we head to the park and play there for a while or we will go to the beach in the summer or play at the tabaggon hill in the winter.. to which we walk to. My child loves to play outdoor and I love it to.
ClauriceMclaren ClauriceMclaren 6 years
Waiting for summer so I can take my 4 kids to the park, oh boy I cant wait, lol
CassandraAirhart CassandraAirhart 6 years
walking. we walk 2-3 blocks everyday. when we walk our boy loves to point out the trees and the ground and if he sees water or when the wind blows he covers his face and laughs.
CrystalLisi50920 CrystalLisi50920 6 years
We love to go for walks and to the zoo in the nice weather, going to the park with other kids to play, and also playing in the neighborhood in the yard and in the pool! I love watching my daughter running around with her little friends and laughing, its such a wonderful thing to watch.
ASHLEY97046 ASHLEY97046 6 years
I love going on nature walks with my toddler and newborn. I love going outside with them as much as possible. I am trying to lose weight in the process and keep them active.
elliFluharty elliFluharty 6 years
I love to bring her to the zoo. She is three months and her face reaction when she sees the animals is so cute. her eyes get so big and she seems so curious.
AnnaPertsovsky AnnaPertsovsky 6 years
We take walks to the park and around the neighborhood. We also like to check out the farmers market and local community events.
Melissa58033 Melissa58033 6 years
We are lucky!! We live by some woods with trails, so we go on lots of walks! We also live by a park, so we also go to the park a lot!! My girls love being outside!!! We are always walking somewhere!
mayralopez39231 mayralopez39231 6 years
My 3 girls and I just love going for walks and look at the different trees and flowers.
JosephineJohnson JosephineJohnson 6 years
We love to go to the park! Before we play we get some ice cream and sit at the picnic table and eat my son likes strawberry but always has to sample me and my husbands flavor. He has mastered the slide but he still gets this look on his face like he is riding a roller coaster its so cute! Last week he finally caught a ball all by himself!
AnniePearson83202 AnniePearson83202 6 years
Family walks after dinner are the best! Parents, baby, 9yr old and the dog all together doing the same activity at the same time. Can't beat it!
CazAitken CazAitken 6 years
i love to just be out and about doin somthin with my two boys they love to be outdoors getin in to a mess and mistjuff lol jamie 2 half lewis 15 munths ) love them so much xxxx
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