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Circle of Moms Halloween Giveaway!

<a href=Circle of Moms Halloween Giveaway!" title="Circle of Moms Halloween Giveaway!" />

Ghosts, goblins and mummies, oh my! Halloween is right around the corner and whether you need to find the coolest super hero costume for your little one or deck out your front yard haunted house style, it's time to prepare for the season!

This week, Circle of Moms is giving away Party City gift certificates for all of your Halloween-themed needs! One lucky mom will receive a $100 Party City gift card and four lucky moms will each receive a $50 Party City gift card!

To enter this giveaway, tell us what you or your children plan to dress up as this Halloween in the comments below!


Please note: You must enter before October 7th, 2012 at 11:59pm PST to be eligible. Check out the full list of rules here for more details.

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SharonStahlheber SharonStahlheber 4 years
My Duaghter Addie 4yrs. wants to be EVERYTHING she sees,LOL. But as of today she wants to be The Little Mermaid~Ariel. My little guy at 3yrs. doesn't know because this will be BOTH my children 1st Hollween to dress up. I'm so excited to be doing this with then for the1st time!!!! Hope everyone enjoys there time with there little ones!!!
LindaCook45936 LindaCook45936 4 years
My 10 yr old triplet trio - two girls, one boy want to be morph people - each one a different color! It was a hard decision between the morph people and Scooby Doo characters!
CoMMember13630514422857 CoMMember13630514422857 4 years
My baby girl wants to go as Tinkerbell; her favorite! Thx Circle of Moms!! ♥ ♥ ♥ !!!!
LisaTalamantes LisaTalamantes 4 years
My daughter wants to be any beautiful princess! My sons want to be the scariest anything they can be!
AliciaKing57770 AliciaKing57770 4 years
My youngest wants to be Belle, Then we have a transformer, two boxer girls and finally a gorilla!
LyzVillarreal LyzVillarreal 4 years
My son is going to be Spongebob, my daughter a princess, & my baby boy a dragon.
CynthiaVinson86567 CynthiaVinson86567 4 years
My 2 boys will be Batman & Robin! My 4 yr old wants to be Robin and my 1 yr old will be Batman! I can't wait to see them dressed up!! Hope to win cause it will help go toward our church's trunk r treat!!
LoriDillard LoriDillard 4 years
My son who is 9 wants to be something "scary" this year, 6 year old daughter wants to be a valley girl or rockstar, 5 year old daughter wants to be a "purple witch" and i think my 2 year old son will be a pirate! This would be a huge help to win! Crossing my fingers**
CoMMember13630507928888 CoMMember13630507928888 4 years
I have 4 kids who would love to win this contest! :) Aaliyah 8, would like to be a Lolly Wolly Doodle Girl, Bryce 6, would like to be a pirate, Ciara 4, would like to be a fairy & and Danica 1, is going to be a pumpkin!
AmandaHawkins75516 AmandaHawkins75516 4 years
My 3 year old as a princess and my 1 year old as NEMO!
LisaScholle LisaScholle 4 years
I would love to win this!! My daughter's birthdays are on the 8th and 18th of October, they will be 3 and 6, we're having a birthday/ Halloween party on the 27th of October!! :)... My 6 year old wants to be a princess and my 2 year old wants to be a fairy. ;)
EvelynCucchiara EvelynCucchiara 4 years
So - my kids haven't decided yet - but I'm going as a giant inflatable pumpkin! We're going to dig out our Halloween box in the next few weeks and see what our creativity can come up with........
JoannaHolt JoannaHolt 4 years
I have a 7-year-old that wants to be a wedding girl and a 6-year-old girl that wants to be a hot-air balloon. They also want to have a Halloween Party, so the extra $ would come in handy!
MargaretMMerrickakaMargie MargaretMMerrickakaMargie 4 years
I am not real keen on children wearing masks. I think the actual make up is far safer. I like the assortment of costumes and paraphernalia that is offered. Great store for all your party needs regardless of how small or extravagant the party is!
CoMMember13631029518187 CoMMember13631029518187 4 years
Can't wait for Halloween! Kiddos r going to be so cute! :)
TeiaGamez TeiaGamez 4 years
My kids want for our family to dress as the Avengers :)
KiraLitte KiraLitte 4 years
My babies 9&6 can't decide, with the prices though they might have to go with something less. My son wants to be something scary and my daughter wants to be something pretty
MireyaRivera MireyaRivera 4 years
My 5year_old son will be Supermanz.
CoMMember13631171961908 CoMMember13631171961908 4 years
My 3 yr old daughter wants to be a skeleton and I am going to be Mother Nature!
MelissaPerry27805 MelissaPerry27805 4 years
My 3 year old will probably be snow white again because we can't afford to get her a costume this year and I'm hoping my 7 month old can be a baby lion
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