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luskid79 luskid79 4 years
Agreed do what makes sense to you !!! I always think its amusing that women bring their babies home from the hospital and immediately expect them to sleep by themselves ? Makes no sense to me when all a baby knows is being held warm , safe and drifting off to the sound of your heartbeat , knowing the smell of their mother ... Doesn't it sound like your baby would be happier with you !!!???
StephanieHayden30068 StephanieHayden30068 4 years
i slept with all my kids, and all of them went thru a phase where they came in the mornings and laid with s the last little bit of darkness. All three 9-6- and 3 are great sleepers--- anywhere! omg! It is still hard for me to let them do some stuff on their own. Front yard - People come doan our street so fast- it scares me super bad they are gonna wreck :( Now my MIL HOUSE--- GO OUT SIDE AND HAVE FUN! Her yard is huge... I really try not helicopter and tell my kids they can't do something BECAUSE THEY ARE TOO LITTLE.... We will at least try. Go mamas do what feels right to you!
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